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Day 7: News Round Up

Syrian Revolution News Round-up

Day 7: Tuesday, 22 March 2011The major story today was supposed to be the sit-in planned to take place in front of the Main Court House in Old Damascus, but on account of heavy security presence the event fizzled out. As a result, protest organizers on Facebook decided to refrain from announcing details of planned gatherings until they are actually taking place. “Security people were expecting us, and made sure that even ordinary passersby didn’t linger in front of the Court House. Whenever they suspected someone of being a participant, they stayed close, uttered threats of violence if he/she lingered. Several of us tried a number of times to come together and stay, but we were too small and easily crowded out by security. From now on, we will refrain from announcing details of our gatherings. ” said one eyewitness.


New arrests are reported in Banyas, Aleppo, Damascus and Suweida. Hundreds of arrests are said to have taken place in Banyas since last Friday’s protests in which thousands took place. A number of children have been arrested, roughed up then released in Aleppo for publicly discussing the events in Deraa. In Damascus, author Louay Al-Hussain was arrested, and his computers were confiscated. In Suweida, human rights defender Muntaha Al-Atrash gave a brave interview to Orient TV in which she announced that she had joined the revolution. Muntaha is the daughter of Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash, one of the famed leaders of the Syrian Revolution against the French.


Growing anger amongst Syrians aginst Aljazeera Network. This frustration was expressed widely through social media networks and through videos arriving from Syria where demonstrators are asking “Where is Aljazeera?”. Al-Jazeerah continues to treat the matter nonchalantly. Syria has always been a redline.


Earlier in the day, security fired at protesters in Deraa, to disperse a gathering in which people chanted anti-Iran and anti-Hezbollah slogans: No to Iran, No to Hezbollah. We want Muslims that fear Allah. This comes amidst growing rumors that Hezbollah members and Iranian advisors are taking part in the crackdown, even as their leaders have praised the revolution in Egypt.
At Al-Karamah Square, protesters brought tents and are planning to stay there until Friday.


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