The engagement calls for calm and the tendencies of most of the people to calm things down, left the congregation quietly, but they saw a Alcbihp you Besak a prayer stick electric Fihrawa him to let them know what happened, and scene of the last one Alcbihp running down behind the A congregation Alcbih screaming Samato uncle say freedom and another says no no at least something, and then began an unprovoked attack and Burberry by Alcbihp to strike worshipers emerging from the mosque and Alalachrin who are not out yet
People gathered, and to support security or to prevent Alcbihp of any arrest or a beating
Then the congregation to close the door and sit in fear of beatings, arrests and chanting.

Negotiate with Sheikh Osama and Sheikh valid with security safe exit of the demonstrators, with the request of the demonstrators from security leave the arena to be able to get out safely, but the Speech of Sheikh them that ensure that no one shall be subjected to them, they came out, and that opened the doors and began the demonstrators to leave beat Alcbihp them with sticks large sticks and electric and there was beaten with stones from afar, and insults by Alcbihp “Bdkon freedom as” a
Was arrested my friend also having been hit by a stone on his head as they sit, and as he left a mosque on his head and hands, his nose bleeding, he was taken to a bus and asked him what to do here said, I pray what do you answered them, computer teacher said to him if you are writing on facebook replied no I do not have an account, nor is what is happening to me Fterkoh and gave him his identity.

And arrested a lot of people bus

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