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Update: Syrians are on the move

Douma.Video of 4 bodes killed in Douma, outside Damascus today. Bloody.

Homs. Several deaths are reported in Homs today. Three men from the Shehadeh family and two young ladies (Unnamed) from the al-Qawae’ereh and Bani Khalid tribes. Detained and injured is Sheikh Muneer Hourizadeh. Injured in critical condition is Murhaf Shaman (Bulet to the chest).

Damascus.Video of an Assad banner brought down while few chant “Allah wa Akbar” but the majority chants “Freedom, Freedom”.

New Calls. Bolder and bolder. Syrians on Facebook are calling for Sunday to be “Quit Work” day.

Banias. A Video of Syrians still demonstrating late in the night. In the background, Feyrouz singing “Map Your Steps” in which the words “Your Steps on the Ground are Monumental, You are the Loved Ones and you Sit on Top” are repeated often.

Syria’s Children.Video of a cute Syrian Kurdish girl living in Germany shouting “Long Live Syria” and “Long Live the Martyrs”. She also says “You’re an animal Baschar”. Obviously coached. But still very cute.

Hama. Syrians are asking the international community to open the Hama file to seek justice against those who committed atrocities against the Syrian people, including all those who kept quiet and acquiesced to the massacres.

Analysis. There is a sense amongst Syrians that even if smaller demonstrations continue, Assad will eventually falter before the people tire. The Syrian economy cannot take it on the chin and survive. Syrians expect Assad to lay the blame on the agents of Israel demonstrating in the streets, but they also realize if they cannot muster a massive demonstration in either Damascus or Aleppo soon, this will be a protracted fight in which the regime waits it out by killing here and there and the people’s resolve will be tested every Friday. Most of those revolting are unemployed Syrians and those who are not, come out on Fridays. The Syrian economy will suffer not from productivity or lack of but from the costs of the security assets deployed everywhere in Syria. It may force Assad to tap into the billions he pilfered to fund his own survival. If he does not, we will see cracks in his regime appear rather quickly. If he does, it becomes a waiting game.

Paranoia? Dr. Dalil al Moayed was detained after he answered his cell phone at the Assad Hospital at Damascus university. The regime has become paranoia about anyone delivering information about their massacres.

Fate. The same cell phone company that has enriched Assad (SyriaTel) is maybe causing his fall. The camera-ready phones and the communications links are being used to show the ugliness of his regime to the outside world.

Salute to YouTube. Facebook and Twitter get lots of credit for facilitating the Arab revolts. But YouTube has become the eyes of the world inside Syria.

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