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The Republic of Fear #Syria A brutal government crackdown (NewsWeek)

by Mike Giglio

Recent protests in Syria have brought brutal government crackdown—and renewed paranoia among dissidents.



Verzone Paolo / Agence Vu-Aurora A portrait of Syrian President Bashar al Assad on a Damascus street.

His name is a pseudonym, adopted when he ran afoul of the secret police, his movements and whereabouts similarly a secret. The photo he uses for public consumption evokes an eerie sense of familiarity, but isn’t real. A computer-generated amalgam of many men, it is everyone and no one at all. Even his virtual presence is a specter, concealed behind encryption. 

In a country where people have lived under surveillance and emergency law for decades, such precautions are necessary to stay out of prison, says Malath Aumran, a Syrian dissident who leads a phantomlike existence, trying to elude the government’s spies. The secret police, he says, “approach me in so many ways.”

Phony BBC reporters have contacted him to speak with activists on the ground. He has been approached by “honey traps”—agents who pose as pretty female activists, trying to……                     Read more….



Hillary #Clinton’s uncredible statement on #Syria

Washington Post By Glenn Kessler    Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 04/04/2011

Clinton By AP

“There’s a different leader in Syria now. Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.”


–Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, on “Face the Nation,” March 27, 2011

“I referenced opinions of others. That was not speaking either for myself or for the administration.”

–Clinton, two days later

Hillary Clinton is known for making provocative statements, but few have generated such a firestorm as her comment last week that the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, may be a reformer. She made her remarks after “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer noted that Assad’s late father had killed 25,000 people during an uprising against his regime. Clinton responded by noting that the son was now in power and he was a “different leader.”

Lawmakers and columnists quickly condemned her remarks. So two days later Clinton tried to deflect the criticism by telling reporters….. Read more

Open Letter to the President of #Syria Bashar al-Assad

Thursday, July 29, 2010  Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey


Fuat Kircaali is the founder and chairman of SYS-CON Media, Cloud Expo, Inc. and Ulitzer, Inc.

To the President of Syria, Mr. and Mrs. Bashar al-Assad


Mr. and Mrs. President Bashar al-Assad:

At the tender age of 17 months my severely ill daughter Sofia, an American citizen, was abducted by her mother on Monday, July 26, in Istanbul, Turkey, and taken to Syria.

I was informed yesterday by Sofia’s mother that she will not be coming back to the United States nor will she allow Sofia to return home.

Sofia has been diagnosed with a severe medical condition that requires immediate treatment in the United States. It was scheduled to start on July 27, 2010, in New Jersey, the day after her abduction and was supposed to last until she reaches the age of 3.

Any delay in the urgently needed treatment will result in a life-long disability for Sofia and make her dependent for the whole of her adult life.    The treatment is not available in Syria.

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Demands of #Syrian Freedom Protesters #Syria #English #Arabic #French

Demands of Syrian Freedom Protesters

Some observers and some of the Syrian people still think that the protesters demands are not clear. In some cases they think these demands are not fair demands due to the intentional distortion of Syrian official media.

Therefore, we believe that it is a priority to clarify these demands to the Syrian people and make the demands united for all protesters.

These demands are addressed to the Syrian Regime. We believe that all the chanting of “Regime Collapse” here and there were results of the people’s desperation of the Regime’s positive response. However, we don’t think any of the Syrian people will demand regime collapse if they respond to these demands.

First – Immediate Actions:

1. The release of all political and opinion prisoners and detainees and allowing all exiled Syrians to comeback home without any conditions, restrictions or exceptions.

2. The lifting of the State of Emergency and Martial Law in a clear, unequivocal statement without replacing it with any similar laws. This shall also include the dismantling of the illegal state security court and all exceptional courts and the canceling of all rulings of these courts.

3. Withdrawing of all armed secret service (Intelligence) forces from Syrian cities; especially Deraa, and retaining only normal police forces for security reserve, removing the siege from Deraa and other cities, compensating affected people for all damages, compensating the families of martyrs and the prosecution of those responsible parties after conducting an immediate, transparent investigation that can be monitored by local and Arabian Human Rights organizations.

4. The issuing of an explicit Republican Decree to guarantee the right of peaceful demonstration and the criminalization of any assaults or threats directed at demonstrators.

5. To termination of all threatening and intimidating acts against our sons and daughters in our schools whether by school staff or secret service agents in and around the schools and to refrain from obliging them to participate in demonstrations supporting the regime.

6. The cancellation of all the secret service agencies authority to arrest people based on their political and religious beliefs. The restructuring of the various secret service agencies into one National Security Agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior and the application of modern work standards that guarantee human and constitutional rights.

Second – Acts with a defined timetable:

1. The amending of the constitution, specially article eight, to accommodate a multiparty democracy and guarantee basic human rights and peaceful transition of authority.

2. The Establishment of a truly independent judiciary system, with immunity and integrity, free of political influence by applying radical actions that shall be developed jointly with local human rights organizations and concerned syndicates.

3. To allow complete freedom of information in all media and to guarantee the freedom of expression.

4. The issuance of a modern law that allows for the creation of political parties and social organizations that complies with this new era, addresses the ambitions of the youth and allows the building and activation of civil society organizations.

5. The creation of a modern, multiple party election law and the holding of free and fair elections for municipal councils and Parliament that guarantee fair representation of all segments of the Syrian people. The formation of a Parliamentary Government that can fight corruption and poverty, hold corrupt people accountable for their acts and achieve real development.

6. The resolution of the Kurdi issue by returning Nationality to the deprived and concealed Kurdi citizens, the reallocation of lands to their owners and the improvement of their living standards.

7. Immediate action to be taken to clear the existing corruption in Syria by dismantling the sponsoring networks and guarding powers. The holding to account the corrupt people for their crimes and the confiscation of all ill-gotten wealth. The review of all contracts that are unfair to the state and Syrian society, especially the mobile networks contracts.

8. The announcement of an accurate and transparent plan to eliminate poverty and unemployment in Syria. Such a plan shall be evaluated semiannually by Parliament.

9. The convening of a National General Conference for all national powers to discuss all pending issues and agree on a national plan for reform in Syria.

These demands are essential to end the current crisis and they are fair demands for the Syrian people who have suffered decades of suppression, corruption, the stealing of Syrian wealth and violations of human rights.

Long live a free and proud Syria and long live a free and proud Syrian people!

مطالب شعبية سورية لمتظاهري الحرية

ما يزال بعض السوريين يرون أن مطالب المحتجين غير واضحة، وربما يرونها أحيانا غير محقة نتيجة التشويه الذي تمارسه السلطة وأجهزتها الإعلامية. لذلك نرى من الضروري أن توضح هذه المطالب للسوريين كلهم وأن يتم توحيدها من قبل المحتجين. إن المعني بهذه المطالب هو النظام السوري الحالي. ولا نعتقد أن أحداً من السوريين يريد من النظام السوري أن يرحل إن قام بتنفيذ هذه المطالب. وإن ما نسمعه من البعض من مطالب بتغيير النظام هو نتيجة اليأس الذي يعتري نفوس الكثيرين من أن يغير النظام السوري سلوكه، لكنه لو فعل فإن هذه المطالب بتغيير النظام ستختفي

أولاً – الإجراءات الفورية

إطلاق سراح كافة سجناء الرأي والسياسيين والسماح الفوري بعودة المهجرين من أبنائنا وذوينا إلى وطنهم دون قيد أو شرط

رفع حالة الطوارئ والأحكام العرفية بشكل واضح لا لبس فيه وعدم وضع أي قوانين مماثلة، وإلغاء محكمة أمن الدولة غير الشرعية والمحاكم الاستثنائية مباشرة وإلغاء كافة الأحكام الصادرة عنها

خروج كافة أشكال القوى الاستخباراتية المسلحة من المدن السورية، وفك الحصار عنها وعن غيرها، مع بقاء قوى الشرطة لحفظ الأمن، وتعويض الأهالي عن الأضرار التي لحقت بهم وتعويض ذوي الشهداء ومحاكمة المسؤولين عن قتلهم وذلك من خلال تحقيق سريع وشفاف يمكن مراقبته من خلال الجمعيات الحقوقية المحلية والعربية المختصة

إصدار مرسوم جمهوري صريح يضمن حق التظاهر السلمي ويجرم الاعتداء على المتظاهرين أو تهديدهم تحت طائلة المسائلة القضائية

التوقف مباشرة عن كل أشكال الإرهاب والتهديد الممارس على أبنائنا في المدارس من خلال الإدارة أو المدرسين أو من خلال تواجد عناصر المخابرات في المدارس وما حولها. والتوقف عن إجبارهم على الخروج في مسيرات تأييدية من خلال الترهيب

رفع سلطة الأجهزة الأمنية عن رقاب الناس وأن تتوقف مباشرة عن اعتقال الناس بسبب توجهاتهم السياسية أو الدينية. وإعادة هيكلة الأجهزة الأمنية المختلفة في جهاز أمن وطني يتبع وزارة الداخلية ويعتمد المعايير الحديثة في العمل التي تضمن حقوق الإنسان والحقوق الدستورية

ثانيا: إجراءات تحتاج إلى جدول زمني محدد

تعديل الدستور وخصوصا المادة الثامنة منه بما يتناسب مع الدولة التعددية الديموقراطية وضمان حقوق الإنسان الأساسية والتداول السلمي للسلطة

تحقيق الاستقلال الفعلي لسلطة القضاء وحصانته ونزاهته من خلال إجراءات جذرية تشارك في وضعها ونقاشها المؤسسات الحقوقية المحلية والنقابات المهنية المختصة

تحقيق حرية الإعلام بكافة أشكاله وضمان حرية التعبير

إصدار قانون عصري للأحزاب والجمعيات بما يتلاءم مع متطلبات العصر ويحقق طموحات الشباب ويمكّن من بناء مؤسسات المجتمع المدني

وضع قانون عصري للانتخابات يضمن التعددية، وإجراء انتخابات حرة ونزيهة للمجالس المحلية ومجلس الشعب لضمان تمثيل جميع فئات الشعب تمثيلا عادلا، بما يتيح تشكيل حكومة قادرة على مكافحة الفساد والفقر، ومحاسبة المفسدين وتحقيق التنمية

العمل على حل قضية الاكراد من خلال اعادة الجنسية لمجردي الجنسية والمكتومين واعادة توزيع الاراضي على اصحابها وتحسين الاوضاع المعيشية

اتخاذ إجراءات فورية لتصفية ملف الفساد في سورية بتفكيك الشبكات الراعية والقوى الحارسة له، ومحاسبة الفاسدين والمفسدين في أجهزة الدولة ومصادرة الأموال المشبوهة وإعادة النظر في كافة العقود المجحفة بحق الدولة والمجتمع السوري وعلى رأسها الهاتف الجوال

وضع خطة محكمة وشفافة للقضاء على الفقر والبطالة في المجتمع وتقييمها بصورة نصف سنوية من قبل مجلس الشعب.

عقد مؤتمر وطني جامع تشارك فيه كافة الفعاليات الوطنية لمتابعة تنفيذ المطالب السابقة والقضايا الأخرى العالقة

إن هذه المطالب ملحة للخروج من الوضع الحالي، وهي ليست كثيرة إطلاقا على شعبنا السوري الذي عانى عقوداً من تغييب الحريات والفساد ونهب خيرات الوطن واستباحة الحقوق

تحيى سورية حرة أبية ويحيى شعبها عزيزاً كريماً

Revendications populaires syriennes des manifestants pour la liberté

Encore quelques Syriens croient que les demandes des manifestants ne sont pas claires, et peut-être à juste titre, et c’est du a la mutilation pratiquée par l’Autorité et à leur médias. Par conséquent, nous croyons qu’il est nécessaire de clarifier ces revendications a tous les Syriens et q’elles soient le point commun qui unifent tous les manifestants. nos revendications sont demandes au régime syrien. Nous ne croyons pas qu’un des Syrien voudrait changer le régime syrien si ces demandes sont adoptees . Ce que nous entendons de certains qui demandent le changement de régime est le résultat du désespoir de beaucoup de ce régime syrien mais si le regime change son comportement, et repond aux demandes, il n’y aurait aucune raison de demander le changement de ce regime

Premièrement: Les actions immédiates:

1 – la libération de tous les prisonniers d’opinion, des politiciens, et permettre le retour immédiat des déplacées syriens a leur pays d’origine, sans restriction ni condition.

2 – de lever l’état d’urgence et la loi martiale d’une facon claires et sans aucune ambiguïté et ne plus mettre des lois similaires, et l’abolition de la Cour d’Etat de sécurité illégitime et les tribunaux spéciaux et la suppression de toutes les peines effectuees par ces tribunaux

3 – Le départ de toutes les formes de puissance de renseignement armés des villes syriennes et en particulier la ville de Daraa, la levée du siège de daraa et des autres villes, avec la survie de la police pour maintenir la sécurité et de compenser les résidents endommages et à indemniser les familles des martyrs et à poursuivre les responsables de la mort de ces martyrs à d’une facon rapide et transparente qui peut être surveillé par les associations de droits de l’homme et les autorités locales arabes.

4 – publier un décret présidentiel qui garantit explicitement le droit de réunion pacifique et criminalise l’assaut et la menace sur les manifestants et cela doit etre soumis à un contrôle judiciaire.

5 – mettre fin immédiatement à toutes les formes de terrorisme et de menace exercée sur nos enfants dans les écoles par l’administration ou les enseignants ou par la présence d’agents de renseignement dans et autour des écoles. Et l’ arrêt de les forcer à sortir dans des marches par l’intimidation.

6 – et enlever le pouvoir des services de sécurité qui utulise la force et la menace , et arrêter immédiatement l’arrestation de personnes en raison de leur idees politiques ou croyances religieuses. Et la restructuration des diverses agences de sécurité dans l’appareil de sécurité nationale sous le ministère de l’Intérieur et aux standards modernes pour ‘assurer les droits de l’homme et les droits constitutionnels.

Deuxièmement: Les procédures doivent être dans un calendrier précis:

7 – de modifier la Constitution, notamment son article 8, de facon a assurer la démocratie et le pluralisme et de garantir les droits fondamentaux de l’homme et le transfert pacifique du pouvoir.

8 – Mettre en place l’indépendance réelle du pouvoir judiciaire et assurer son impartialité et son ‘immunité par des actions radicaux qui seront discuter et mises par des organisations de droits locaux et les syndicats en question.

9 – la liberté des médias sous toutes ses formes et garantir la liberté d’expression.

10 – une version moderne de la loi des partis et des associations en ligne avec les exigences du temps qui s’harmonise avec les aspirations des jeunes pour renforcer les institutions de la société civile.

11 – élaborer une loi moderne pour les élections à garantir le pluralisme et d’organiser des élections libres et équitables aux conseils locaux et au Parlement d’assurer la représentation de toutes les catégories de personnes d’une facon équitable, permettant la formation d’un gouvernement capable de lutter contre la corruption et la pauvreté, assurer le développement.

12 – travailler a résoudre le problème kurde par la re-citoyenneté et la nationalité MDDI silence et la redistribution des terres à leurs propriétaires et à améliorer les conditions de vie.

13 – de prendre des mesures immédiates pour régler la question de la corruption en Syrie, le démantèlement des réseaux, les commanditaires et les forces qui les protegent, et de tenir la corruption et la corruption dans les organes d’Etat et la confiscation de fonds suspects et d’examiner tous les contrats injustes à l’État et la société syrienne, notamment le téléphone mobile.

14 – un plan complet et de manière transparente pour éliminer la pauvreté et le chômage dans la communauté qui sera évalue semi-annuellement par le Conseil du peuple.

15 – une conférence nationale avec la participation de tous les potentiels nationaux pour le suivi et la mise en œuvre des exigences précédentes et d’autres questions en suspens.

Cela exige d’urgence pour sortir de la situation actuelle, qui n’est pas beaucoup du tout au peuple syrien, qui a souffert des décennies de l’absence de libertés, la corruption et le pillage.

Vive la Syrie libre et fiere et vive son people.

U.S. offers free flights out for employees in #Syria

WASHINGTON | Sun Apr 3, 2011 10:05pm EDT

(Reuters) – The United States is offering free flights out of Syria to family members of U.S. government employees, the State    Department said on Sunday.

It also advised U.S. citizens in Syria, where dozens of people are reported to have died in anti-government protests, to closely examine their security situation and consider leaving because of the unrest.

The U.S. travel warning on Syria is the third issued in less than two weeks.

Last week, the United States advised its citizens to put off nonessential travel to Syria and urged those already in the country to consider leaving because of the protests, which followed popular revolts elsewhere in the Arab world.

The unrest in Syria has presented the gravest challenge to the 11-year rule of President Bashar al-Assad, who took power after the death of his father, Hafez al-Assad, in 2000.

The United States has long had a contentious relationship with Syria, which maintains an anti-Israel alliance with Iran and supports the militant groups Hezbollah and Hamas.

(Editing by Paul Simao)



US hedges its bets on #Syria: analysts

By Lachlan Carmichael (AFP)

WASHINGTON — Although the Assad regime in Syria has long been a thorn in Washington’s side, the Obama administration is not yet ready to throw its lot in with anti-government protesters there, analysts said.

Ammar Abdulhamid, a Washington-based Syrian dissident and democracy activist  who has political contacts in Washington, said some US officials fear a change and prefer  to work with Assad, at least for now.

“I think they will get there (to accept a change) in due course of time,” Abdulhamid told AFP.

“But for now… they are afraid that… Assad will not go out gently into that good night and therefore they might try to create trouble, and that will create a civil war type scenario.”

They fear it “will be either civil war or they will have to deal with an even more radicalized and anti-Western regime if the Assads came up in control again,” said Abdulhamid, who heads the Washington-based Tharwa Foundation.