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Torturing the children that Rally for #Syrian Democracy

People want to overthrow the regime,  so the security agencies abused them, and they began  their journey to Damascus to receive their sentences and punishment on Mavalo. They were released only after a protest demonstration in the shield, responded to the Republican Guard helicopter that brought planes from Damascus with the intelligence forces and the police and caused the killing of dozens of people of the city. Which sparked the revolution in Syria. Syrian authorities say: that behind the protests Mendsp elements and associated third party and you want to be rewarded Nile from a position of Syria and Almmana resistant and steadfast in the face of Zionist plots and the U.S.. But the question is: who were arrested and detained children for nearly a month, and tortured severely tortured, including the uprooting of their nails.? Are they Zionists or the Americans or conspirators or Almendson ousted the Syrian regime?

Please see the link below to realize, dear brother to the suffering of Syrians over almost fifty years of Baath Party rule, more than forty years, including in the rule of Assad‘s father and son. Forgive me if the scene cause some harm to the feelings

But it is very important to see is nothing more than a minute and a half, but it reveals the suffering of the people missing from those who did not know anything about them, one of tens of thousands.

Can sum up the matter say: ten-year-old boy frightened old governor system forty years spent in the war with the Zionists. But be assured that the child and his children opened their word people want to overthrow the regime. And fall, God willing. The rules of this kind have to leave by the end of its history, and smelt foul smells and rotting.

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