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Homs People of demands from the Syria Assad regime

Map of the districts of Homs governorate in Syria.

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Those who are unable to read a statement from the Association of Homs, the attached file
This print of the statement
Note that with some of the names of the masters of scientists and handwritten could not read them carefully

Statement Scholars Association, the city of Homs
Head of State to Mr. Esquire

The scholars of Homs and the basis of their sense of legitimacy and moral responsibility entrusted to them in these exceptional circumstances experienced by Syria, and the performance of their pioneering role and to meet the wishes of the citizens and the legitimate interests of the nation’s unity and cohesion of the offer following demands:

1 – as the basis of citizenship rights and duties and to achieve the principle of equal opportunities

2 – to renounce violence and sectarianism and uphold the unity of the nation

3 – Raising the state of emergency

4 – the palm of the hands of security forces by friction with people and humiliate and provoke

5 – Activating the equal dialogue and input alone to contain problems

6 – Roof expand freedoms of citizens are guaranteed the exercise of religious rites and creeds everywhere (Especially in the military and universities)

7 – to open new horizons for a free media, transparent and disciplined framework of values

8 – the release of all detainees

9 – to allow the deportees to return home without reference to the security authorities

10 – considered a legitimate right to peaceful demonstration of citizens to express their views and demands

11 – Avoid release terms and indiscriminate use of a security justification for the accusation and arrest

12 – Accounting instigators who have contributed to shedding the blood of the people

13 – Work on what would preserve the moral values ​​of society and the consolidation of laws and regulations that preserve the values

14 – fight against corruption and chaos and to re-examine laws deterrent to mischief

15 – that all elections for all councils and representative of the people of free and fair

16 – amendment of article VIII of the Constitution

Association of Scientists and Scholars Homs them

– Chairman of the Assembly of Scientists in Homs: Talha Khoja

– Muhammad Adnan al-Sakka

– Abdo Hamoud

– Abdul Ilah DisplayLink

– Abdullah Al-Hourani

– Mohammed shiny brown

– Abdul Aziz Bakour

– Abdel Moneim Suleiman

– Mohammed Clip

– Susie Ghasoub

– Mahmoud Nabih Dalati

– Bahaa El Din Abd El-Kader mystic

Yes – Abdo Tohme

– Mohammed Junaid easy

– Ismail Majzoub

– Mohamed Mansour Holiday

– Abdel Kader El Sakka

– Anas Sweden

– Abdullah Al Abrash

– Mohamed Nour Musharraf

– Hossam Maher

– Struggle Alhzori

– Ammar Hijo

– Samer Zia

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