Lebanese leader denies inciting unrest in Syria

Beirut, April 14 (IANS) An anti-Syrian Lebanese politician has declined accusations that he was involved in financing and arming anti-government protests in Syria, Xinhuareported.

Jamal Jarrah to the right

‘We don’t have the desire, the ability or the intent to interfere in Syrian internal affairs,’ said Jamal Jarrah, a Syrian member of parliament  Wednesday.

Syrian television earlier broadcast the confessions of a three-member ‘terrorist cell’ who said ‘external sides’ including Lebanese lawmaker Jarrah, had supplied the group with weapons.

Anas al-Kanj, who claimed to be heading the terrorist cell, said in the broadcast that he received ‘arms and money’ from abroad, namely neighbouring Lebanon, to fuel unrest.

Kanj said he was instructed ‘to incite people to protest, particularly outside the Ommayad Mosque in Damascus’ and in towns of Daraa, Latakiah and Banias.

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