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Support Syrian People Demands of Reform in Syrian By: Community in Chicago, Illinois #Syria

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To All Syrian American

Syrian Community in Chicago, Illinois

(Burr Ridge, IL 2013 April 11, 2011) Syrian Americans met on April 10, 2011 at the Marriott Hotel in Burr Ridge, IL, to discuss the current situation in Syria and decided to issue an open letter of support to our brothers and sisters in Syria.

The meeting decided to establish a committee to follow up on the letter below.

We, as Syrian Americans, condemn the violent reaction by the Syrian security forces, resulting in the deaths of dozens of young Syrian protesters.  The public rallies in several Syrian cities present a set of demands that aim to achieve political reform and address widespread corruption. All citizens have the right to participate in public debate and to deal with national issues.  International law guarantees this right and the government must respect the public%u2019s right to express their concerns about the direction of the nation.

These events have illustrated the need for urgent action.  Syrians have patiently waited for the promised reform and placed great expectations in government actions and initiatives before they took to the streets to make their demands public. We call to immediately honor public pleas and respond positively by taking the following measures:

  1. Immediately lift the Emergency Law that has been in place for almost five decades, and ensure that no additional (Anti-Terrorism) laws that impinge upon political freedom are introduced.
  2. Form an Independent Commission to investigate the use of live ammunition to disperse unarmed and peaceful protesters.
  3. Amend the constitution and revoke Article 8 which stipulates a one party system and to allow for a multiparty system.
  4. Change/revoke all laws restricting freedom of expression. This includes allowing all outlets of media for fair and uninterrupted coverage of current events in Syria.
  5. End arbitrary arrests by security forces and release all political detainees and prisoners of conscience.  In addition, to allow Syrians outside Syria to return without harassment from security forces to Syria.

We reject outside interference in the internal affairs of Syria, urge protesters to respect public property, and call on all Syrians to maintain national unity and to reject any call for sectarian agitation.

Representatives of the Syrian Community in Chicago, IL:

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