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Press Release


Contact Press Office April 15, 2011

Email: SyrianETF@gmail.com Phone: (800) 385-6806 http://www.SyrianETF.org

Coalition of Human Rights, Faith-based, and Syrian American organizations speak out against violence in Syria and the Assad regime

For Immediate Release, Washington — A coalition of human rights, faith-based, and Syrian American organizations are speaking out today against the violent attacks on civilian

demonstrators in Syria by government security forces. “As responsible members of the global community, we are compelled to admonish the Assad regime and his attempts to limit the universal freedoms which cover all humanity, by using strong arm tactics and killing innocent civilians,” said Dr. Mohamed Kawam, a member of the newly formed coalition.

Since the arrest of 15 juvenile activists requesting increased social and economic freedoms, in Daraa on March 15th, pro-democracy demonstrations have swelled in numbers and have expanded to cities and towns throughout Syria. The Assad regime has responded with increased curfews, random searches of homes and offices, the abduction of men women and children, and the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians.

The coalition will also join the planned demonstration tomorrow at the Syrian Embassy in Washington DC, standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Syria.

The Syrian Emergency Task Force is a non profit organization based in the United States. The SETF was created to support the Syrian people’s democratic aspirations and to provide a venue for them to convey those aspirations to the American people. ###

Please join us

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