Massacres in Syria’s Latikia

The Syrian killers probably thought nobody would be able to get it on video at night.  But they were wrong.  An amateur videographer was filming the demonstration, and was just about to go down to the street and join in, when the gunshots broke out.  A young girl behind him started to scream, he pushed her down.. And yet the Syrian people, like the Iranian people, are judged unworthy of support from our so-called leaders.  Even Jimmy Carter would have been more.. American than this crowd.  Have a look.  And then tell your elected representatives to demand action.

 Talking point to use with your elected representative.  

By: Michael Ledeen – The PJ Tatler The aftermath:

April,19 2011 Latakia massacre

Latakia massacre Latakia Ugarit Tuesday the army is pulling bodies after his assault on the demonstrators with fire,  

 أوغاريت اللاذقية الثلاثاء الجيش يقوم يسحب الجثث بعد اعتداءه على المتظاهرين بالنار

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