At Least 60 Dead in Syria Crackdown, Please call your US representative!

Opposition figures in Syria attempted to hold their largest rallies yet. Despite all of the posturing made by the Assad regime that it would attempt to appear more legitimate, they instead unleashed beatings and bullets.

According to the BBCat least 60 protesters have been killed today. Meanwhile, the White House appears content to do nothing and allow for it to occur.

Protesters – said to number tens of thousands across the country – chanted for the overthrow of the regime, Reuters news agency reports.

Video images coming out of Syria show footage of many confrontations where live ammunition was used.

Very Violent Videos 

Where is the Obama Administration? what are we doing, are we siting back and allowing the slaughter?  This is like June 2009 in Teheran all over again.

Please call your US representative!

 Talking point to use with your elected representative.  

The list of People were murdered by Assad security forces on April 22, 2011

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