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(Washington, DC – 4/27/11) — The popular uprising in Syria has escalated in recent days and weeks with the President Bashar Assad’s  increasing use of force to intimidate, disperse and kill anti-government civilian protesters. The Muslim Public Affairs Council condemns the use of violence by the Syrian government and demands intervention by the International Criminal Courts to bring perpetrators of war crimes against civilians to justice.

SEE: “ Syrian Crisis Tests the Mettle of Its Autocratic Ruler” (NY Times)

MPAC commends  President Barack Obama’s statement on Syria, which called the Syrian regime’s moves to lift the emergency law, reshuffle the cabinet and allow for pre-approved organized protests meaningless in light of the continued use of deadly violence against civilian protesters. The White House, State Department and members of Congress should call for Assad to step down as was done with former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in addition to calling for war crimes prosecution for those responsible for the violence against civilian demonstrators as has been done  in the case of Col. Muammar Qaddafi.

More than 450 civilians have been killed in the past four weeks in anti-government protests, which includes the more than 120 civilians killed by security forces in just the past three days. Adding to the situation is the denial of medical care to wounded civilians across the country. Meanwhile, Syrian opposition members  met in Istanbul yesterday asking for the international community to pressure Assad to halt the recent brutal crackdowns against demonstrators.


SEE: “Editorial: Shameful U.S. Inaction on Syria’s Massacres” (Washington Post)

Dr. Zaher Sahloul, Chairperson of the  Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago and a prominent Syrian American, issued the following statement Monday:

“We urge all people of conscience to call their elected officials and ask them to pressure the Syrian government to stop the killing of civilians, protect the demonstrators, provide open access to medical care, allow free access to humanitarian organizations and international media and to expedite serious political and democratic reforms that satisfy the aspirations of the Syrian people.”

Media coverage of the protests and subsequent crackdowns has been minimal due to limited access provided to international media outlets. In the face of such brutality against innocent civilians, it is urgent that all people of conscience contact their elected officials to take action on this crisis. We must demand unimpeded access for international media to determine the full extent of human rights violations in Syria and to hold culprits accountable.



  • Just as President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders called for the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Libyan President Col. Muammar Qaddafi, so too must they call for the immediate resignation of Syrian President Bashar Assad. His deadly attacks on peaceful demonstrators must be condemned by the U.S., if we truly support democracy and the will of the people.
  • The Syrian government must immediately stop the killing of civilians, protect peaceful demonstrators, provide open access to medical care, allow free access to humanitarian organizations and international media and expedite serious political and democratic reforms that satisfy the aspirations of the Syrian people.


Founded in 1988, MPAC is an American institution which informs and shapes public opinion and policy by serving as a trusted resource to decision makers in government, media and policy institutions. MPAC is also committed to developing leaders with the purpose of enhancing the political and civic participation of American Muslims.


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Siria: decretos abusivos Assad (Spanish subtitles)

Reglamento por el gobierno que limitan los derechos de los sirios incluidos los partidos políticos, la seguridad, la nacionalidad y… las palomas

NYT: More Nonsense on Bashar Assad #Syria

The Assad family. Hafez al-Assad and his wife,...

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In today’s “Clock Ticking Against Assad,” another NYT analyst equates “studied abroad, elegant British-born wife, French speaking, and widely-read” with a desire “to reform the repressive police state he inherited from his father, given time and opportunity.” We are told that Bashar, unlike his stern father, “seems quiet, almost meek.”

The press’s treatment of Assad reminds me of the foolish optimism that greeted the appointment of the “sophisticated” Yury Andropov. (Andropov must be a reformer; he loves jazz, cognac and speaks foreign languages. Bashar must be a reformer he studied medicine in Britain).

Apparently Assad’s brutal crackdown of his own people has dashed our expectations. The Obama administration’s bet that Assad, the closet reformer, will democratize and broker a real peace with Israel appears to be lost. But, we learn from the article that this is not Basher’s fault. He is surrounded by sinister relatives and security forces, who stymie his benevolent impulses. His fault (according to an anonymous diplomat) is that he “doesn’t have the courage to do what he needs to do for the sake of the country.”

Somehow we are supposed to believe that one of the world’s tightest and most brutal dictatorships is made up of “good” and “bad” factions, where the bad guys do bad things behind the back of the “good” head of state. We are supposed to believe that Syrian security forces assassinated a leading Lebanese politician without Bashar knowing. Bashar must also be blissfully unaware of Syria’s support of Hezbollah mischief, or of the clandestine attempt to build nuclear weapons.

We are told that Basher’s salvation is meaningful reform. The Baath regime will survive if it allows freedom of assembly and press and opposition political parties! For Bashar’s sake, he should not read such stuff. Basher’s survival chances are near zero if he offers “meaningful reforms.” They will only show weakness and intensify the demonstrations (now without fear of being shot dead). The only “reform” the outraged Syrian population will accept is the removal of Bashar and his entire regime. Bashar Assad, like Qadaffi in Libya and the Mullahs in Iran, can only survive by the sword. That is their best chance, and they are likely to win.

Our diplomats and journalists must learn that dictatorships operate according to specific dynamics that do not depend on the education, background, or humanistic orientation of their leaders. Stalin was extremely well read; was kind to his daughter, and made a great impression on Roosevelt. Pol Pot frequented Paris coffee houses as he wrote his dissertation at the Sorbonne. Hitler had excellent table manners. Bashar speaks French and reads good books.

These things make little difference. They are a foundation of sand upon which to base foreign policy.

Posted by Paul Gregory

A Message from a Syrian!

Below is a message from Syria describing the development of the defenseless Syrian people  and how they are being persecuted, they are calling on the world to stand up and help them…

The Syrian people are exposed today to a severe genocide carried out by the Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad and his terrorist security forces of the regime which is an infringement and a clear violation of all international laws, rules and values.

Please take all the necessary procedures and actions to stop these massacres against our Syrian disarmed people immediately.
They kill us with cold blood. They kill even the injured people in hospitals. They kidnap our youth from their homes and execute them. Imagine this regime when arresting students of Grade 4 (10 years old) just because they wrote protests against the regime on the wall, and the horrible thing is that the security forces pulled their nails out by torturing them and exposed them to electric shocks!
They steal corpses of the martyrs from the hospitals. They cut water and electricity and prevent flour, food, medicine and even milk of children from entering the cities.
Please stop this terrorist regime immediately!
We appeal to you on behalf of all the Syrian people with all its racial, ethnic, religious and sectarian components, Muslims and Christians; on your capacity as leaders of the free democratic world, and as supporters of human rights and freedom of expression and sponsors of the charters of global and international legislations which protect human dignity, considering your governments, your countries and your peoples’ prominent international role in the protection of oppressed peoples, support the peaceful liberation movements, seeking your support fordemocracy and peaceful coexistence, cooperation and positive interaction with all nations and peoples of the civilized world, we, the Syrian people, urge you to support our peaceful uprising against this terrorist regime to get our legal rights.
It should be noted that the system of Assad and his gangsters cooperate with Iran, Hizbullah and the extremist forces that threaten theinterests of the civilized world and threaten world peace through suppression of peaceful movements of peoples.
We, the Syrian people, in all of our components and sects reject terrorism and condemn the behavior of the Syrian dictatorial corrupt regime that has been oppressing us for nearly half a century, we reject his illegal behavior, conspiracies and plots against neighbors and his continued threatening of the world peace that cause strained relations between the neighboring peoples and harm to the democratic countries.
We also confirm that the movement of our people is a hundred percent peaceful and has not any kind of link, relationship or status with anypolitical, religious or sectarian party, and we do not have any relations with any countries, organizations or ideologies.
We want to take our role as active and positive part with all the world’s developed world to the renaissance of the democratic free world, the march of human civilization and the preservation of regional and global peace.
This is only an example of shooting the Syrian kids by Assad’s militiamen!

United Nations discuss Syrian Turmoil ( Live)

Syrian War Criminals regime is claiming that Al Jazeera is distributing a hallucinations drugs

I am so sorry for this post, but I couldn’t help it but to show the world of how the Syrian War Criminals regime is claiming that Al Jazeera is distributing a hallucinations drugs with their logo on it?  This is very funny but at the same time really sad. I just can’t believe  that the people of Syria are ruled by this kind of criminal regime.  I though Gaddafi would be the only one to Blame “Hallucination Pills”, but the  Criminals regime in Syria have TOPPED Libya Gaddafi !!!

Syrian Revolution News Round-up ملخص أحداث الثورة السورية Day 43: Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Syrian Revolution News Round-upDay 43: Tuesday, 26 April 2011
ملخص أحداث الثورة السورية
اليوم ٤٣: الثلاثاء، ٢٦ نيسان/أبريل ٢٠١١

Mutiny Still Unconfirmed But Continued Defiance Is!

Reports of mutiny in ranks among army divisions sent to Deraa City keep pouring in from myriad eyewitness sources, but the extant thereof and the details of what exactly is involved remain murky.
Confirmed death toll: 474 List of names (Arabic)

Cities and towns under siege: Deraa City, Douma, Jableh, Banyas, Homs, Mouddamiyyeh, Hama.

Cities and towns where protests, sit-in and vigils took place today: Jassem, Ankhel, Homs, Lattakia, Banyas, Amoudeh, Tal, Zabadani.

Cities and towns where communications were cut off: Deraa, Douma.

Cities and communities where basic services, including water and electricity, were cut off: Deraa City.

Something is surely happening in Deraa City, something that, in common parlance, is often referred to as a “massacre.” To be specific: a massacre of unarmed civilians by security forces and soldiers working for the Assads: Syria’s ruling crime family.

The inhabitants of Deraa tell horrifying stories of streets strewn with the bodies of the dead that residents are unable to retrieve for fear of meeting the same fate, and of living in complete darkness and destitution as basic services, including water and electricity have been cut off by the invading Assad armies, who continue to lay siege to the city preventing the arrival of much needed food and medical supplies. Still, the eyewitnesses we have managed to talk to tell of brave stories of people defying army tanks with rocks, and smuggling food and water from the nearby Palestinian refugee camps. The Palestinians may not have Syrian citizenship, but have been living here since 1948, in fact, most have been born here, and to them Deraa residents are brothers, and the idea of taking a neutral stance vis-à-vis current developments seems unconscionable.

But the fog of war overlaying the city is also giving birth to addicting reports of mutiny in the ranks, pitting one army division against another. The reports tell of few defections from the ranks of the 5th Division mushrooming into a full-fledged mutiny, when few high-ranking officers decided that defecting is not enough and that they had a duty to protect the city and its unarmed residents from vicious assault of pro-Assad troops making up the 4th Division and lead by none other than Maher Al-Assad, the brother of the titular president.

But the reports don’t stop here, but go on to tell of the capture or at least trapping of Maher Al-Assad, and one Rustom Ghazali, the acting chief of political security assigned to deal with the protests in Deraa. Al-Jazeerah Arabic even aired eyewitness testimony confirming some aspects of this, while the Syrian opposition channel, Barada TV, seemed to endorse the reports as factual. Facebook chat groups are naturally abuzz at this stage.

Considering the volatility of the current situation and that these kind of reports are nt exactly unusual in these circumstance, one is tempted to dismiss them in their entirety. But it should be borne in mind that the reports of the mutiny itself have been around for 48 hours now, and seeing how serious such a development would prove to be to the Assads, and the fact that the protestr movement is banking on splitting the army, if not winning it whole over to their side, Alawites and all, the fact that this report is allowed to circulated unchallenged for so long lends it some credibility.

Other than the massacres perpetrated by Assad thugs, there are some strange goings-on in Deraa that seem to warrant further investigations.

Be that as it may, the show force in Deraa, and another one in the Damascene suburb of Douma, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale, did not prevent protesters from keeping up the daily routine of showing solidarity, defying odds and snipers, and demanding end to Assad rule.

The Ramleh Neighborhood in Lattakia has witnessed such a protest, but, and according to eyewitness reports, it was quickly and violently put down by security forces and Shabbiha gangs. The situation somewhat was more peaceful in other parts of Syria, including the Damascene suburbs of Tal and Zabadani, other towns and cities in Deraa Province, including Jassem and Ankhel, as well as the cities of Banyas, Amoudeh and Homs.

It’s as though protesters throughout Syria are telling the Assads to take their security forces, unofficial militias and loyal army divisions and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine, pardon my Syrian.

قصف بالمدفعية تقابله جهود دولية
استمر القصف بالمدفعية على مدينة درعا منذ الصباح الباكر، وتواصل إطلاق النار وقد سقط حصيلة هذه الاعتداءات ما لا يقل عن ستة شهداء وعشرات الجرحى، كما تمكن أهالي مدينة درعا من سحب جثث خمس وعشرين شخصاً كانوا قد استشهدوا في أوقات سابقة واحتجزت قوات الأمن جثثهم، ولك يتمكن أهالي المدينة من التعرف على بعض الجثث بسبب تشويه قوات الأمن للجثث، واستخدامهم لأسلحة متفجرة في قتلهم
وفي دوما استمر الحصار للمدينة، حيث انتشرت قوات الأمن بالشوارع وقامت بسد الشوارع بأكياس الرمل ونشرت المدرعات والآليات العسكرية ، ونصبت في المدينة العديد من الحواجز ونقاط التفتيش، ولوحظ رجال الأمن يحملون قوائم تحمل ما يقارب من خمسمائة اسم من شباب دوما ليتم اعتقالهم، كما استمر قطع وسائل الاتصالات في المدينة وبدأت المؤن بالنفاذ. وقال أطباء من المشفى الوطني بداريا أنه لا يزال هناك العديد من الشهداء بالمشفى ولم يتم تسليمهم إلى أهاليهم لانقطاع الطرقات بالحواجز الأمنية والاعتقالات القائمة، كما أشاروا إلى اعتقال بعض الجرحى ونقلهم إلى أماكن مجهولة. وفي مدينة جبلة قامت قوات الأمن بمنع تشييع الشهداء ظهر يوم الثلاثاء مع استمرار ارتفاع عدد الشهداء إلى 15 شخصاً بسبب انقطاع المعونات الدوائية
وخرجت مظاهرات في مناطق من دمشق، في التل والزبداني، وكذلك في بانياس وعامودا نصرة لدرعا وللمطالبة بإسقاط النظام، كما اعتصم طلاب بكلية الزراعة في الحسكة نصرةً لدرعا، واعتصم طلاب كلية طب الأسنان بجامعة حلب كذلك وهددت إدارة الجامعة بالقيام بفصل الطلاب المعتصمين من الجامعة، كما أقيم اعتصام ليلي في مدينة الجاسم، من جهته خرجت مظاهرة نسائية بشتى مناطق درعا مطالبة بفك الحصار
كما استقال رئيس اتحاد الطلبة السوريين في جمهورية التشيك إياس الخليلي من إتحاد الطلبة ومن عضوية حزب البعث تضامناً مع الشعب، وشهد اليوم استقالة أكثر من مسئول من مجالس المحافظات. وقد أصدر طلاب جامعة دمشق بياناً أدانوا فيه ما يحدث من اعتداءات من قبل قوات الأمن على الحرم الجامعي مطالبين بمحاسبة كل من أساء، وواصفين هذه الأعمال بالتخريبية
وعلى المستوى الدولي أقيم في اسطنبول بتركيا مؤتمر “لقاء اسطنبول من أجل سورية” والذي أقامته منظمات المجتمع المدني الحقوقية في تركيا وشارك فيه العديد من الناشطين الحقوقيين السورين، وأكدوا فيه على ضرورة وقف حمام الدم الجاري في سورية. كما بدأ مجلس الأمن مداولاته بشأن الوضع في سورية مع صدور توقعات بأن تواجه جهود إصدار بيان لإدانة أعمال العنف والقمع الجارية هناك معارضة من قبل كل من الصين وروسيا

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من مواقع التواصل الاجتماعيريف دمشق

تصوير جانب من مظاهرة التضامن مع المدن المحاصرة في الزبداني فيديو1، فيديو2، فيديو3

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فيديو يوضح تواجد قناصة أمن على جسر جوبر زملكا


فيديو لمقطع جديد عن إطلاق نار عشوائي من قبل عناصر الأمن باتجاه المنازل والأهالي في حمص

فيديو لجانب من مظاهرة بابا عمرو المسائية دعما للمدن المحاصرة


فيديو جديد يصور إطلاق النار من عناصر الجيش السوري باتجاه الأهالي العزل الذين يهتفون للجيش

فيديو يوضح قصف بالمدفعية الثقيلة لدرعا البلد صباح اليوم

فيديو لانتشار قوات الأمن والقناصة في مدينة درعا

جاسم-تصوير جانب من الإعتصام المسائي نصرة لأهالي درعا والمدن المحاصرة فيديو1، فيديو2

فيديو لإعتصام مسائي في إنخل نصرة لأهالي درعا وبقية المدن المحاصرة

فيديو لمظاهرة نساء درعا للمطالبة بفك الحصار عن درعا

فيديو لحديث الشيخ حسين الزعبي عما حدث في إزرع

فيديو لخطاب الدكتور محمد العمار في اعتصام جاسم مناصرة أهالي درعا

فيديو لمظاهرة يقودها طفل حوراني وهتافات الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام

فيديو لمقطع من هتافات أطفال حوران ضد النظام السوري في مظاهرة حاشدة نصرة لدرعا مساء الإثنين


فيديو لمظاهرة أهالي عامودا نصرة للمدن المحاصرة، فيديو2


تصوير لجانب من مظاهرة أهالي بانياس لنصرة المدن المحاصرة


فيديو لجانب من وقفة الشباب السوري والمصري أمام السفارة السورية في القاهرة للتنديد بمجازر النظام السوري

من التغطية التلفزيونية

تسجيل لمقابلة عمار قربي مع ناصر قنديل على قناة الجزيرة فيديو1، فيديو2

فيديو لتعليق الشيخ عبدالإله الملحم على قناة بي بي سي من تركيا حول الثورة السورية

فيديو لتقرير قناة العربية عن حصار الجيش للمدن السورية

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فيديو لتقرير إبراهيم صابر  عن الوضع السوري في الجزيرة منتصف اليوم

فيديو لمحمد فتوح وأيمن عبدالنور على قناة الحوار

فيديو لمقابلة حسن عبد العظيم من دمشق

فيديو لتسجيل خطاب ساركوزي عن الوضع في سورية

فيديو لتقرير ماجد عبدالهادي في حصاد اليوم على قناة الجزيرة

فيديو لمداخلة محمد فتوح في برنامج نقطة حوار على قناة بي بي سي

فيديو لمقابلة عبيدة نحاس على قناة بي بي سي

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مقالات صحفية

مقال ياسر ابو هلالة في جريدة الغد: درعا بانتظار الفصل الاخير

مقال صحيفة القدس العربي عن الانتماءات الجزئية في الواقع السوري

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مقال على قناة سي سي إن ” الأسد قد يواجه مذكرة اتهام من المحكمة الدولية

من إعلام الثورة

برومو الشعب السوري يسقط الدكتاتور

برومو سورية تحت الحصار

فيديو في سبيل المجد والأوطان رجال لا تهاب الموت

فيديو لأغنية رجع الخي لسمير شقير

فيديو لأغنية صاحت حوران


فيديو لاستقالة مس