A Message from a Syrian!

Below is a message from Syria describing the development of the defenseless Syrian people  and how they are being persecuted, they are calling on the world to stand up and help them…

The Syrian people are exposed today to a severe genocide carried out by the Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad and his terrorist security forces of the regime which is an infringement and a clear violation of all international laws, rules and values.

Please take all the necessary procedures and actions to stop these massacres against our Syrian disarmed people immediately.
They kill us with cold blood. They kill even the injured people in hospitals. They kidnap our youth from their homes and execute them. Imagine this regime when arresting students of Grade 4 (10 years old) just because they wrote protests against the regime on the wall, and the horrible thing is that the security forces pulled their nails out by torturing them and exposed them to electric shocks!
They steal corpses of the martyrs from the hospitals. They cut water and electricity and prevent flour, food, medicine and even milk of children from entering the cities.
Please stop this terrorist regime immediately!
We appeal to you on behalf of all the Syrian people with all its racial, ethnic, religious and sectarian components, Muslims and Christians; on your capacity as leaders of the free democratic world, and as supporters of human rights and freedom of expression and sponsors of the charters of global and international legislations which protect human dignity, considering your governments, your countries and your peoples’ prominent international role in the protection of oppressed peoples, support the peaceful liberation movements, seeking your support fordemocracy and peaceful coexistence, cooperation and positive interaction with all nations and peoples of the civilized world, we, the Syrian people, urge you to support our peaceful uprising against this terrorist regime to get our legal rights.
It should be noted that the system of Assad and his gangsters cooperate with Iran, Hizbullah and the extremist forces that threaten theinterests of the civilized world and threaten world peace through suppression of peaceful movements of peoples.
We, the Syrian people, in all of our components and sects reject terrorism and condemn the behavior of the Syrian dictatorial corrupt regime that has been oppressing us for nearly half a century, we reject his illegal behavior, conspiracies and plots against neighbors and his continued threatening of the world peace that cause strained relations between the neighboring peoples and harm to the democratic countries.
We also confirm that the movement of our people is a hundred percent peaceful and has not any kind of link, relationship or status with anypolitical, religious or sectarian party, and we do not have any relations with any countries, organizations or ideologies.
We want to take our role as active and positive part with all the world’s developed world to the renaissance of the democratic free world, the march of human civilization and the preservation of regional and global peace.
This is only an example of shooting the Syrian kids by Assad’s militiamen!

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