Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Britain

This letter was send to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Britain yesterday morning on April 27, 2011

Syrian Emergency Task Force

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Britain

Witness the Syrian Arab Republic, six weeks ago a massive peaceful protests in all the provinces and cities entitled freedom and dignity after nearly fifty years in a country governed by a corrupt dictatorial regime killed tens of thousands of his opponents during his reign. These masses protester repeatedly demanded reform did not hear for years and years but the promises and the machine of repression and persecution continues in all forms, has emerged demonstrations starting from March 15 in a peaceful and peaceful arguing for and demanding an end to the case of monopoly power from one party and dominate the political scene for more than forty years. Has faced the Syrian regime headed by Bashar al-Assad of all kinds of killings and repression, including the use of tanks in the bombing of some cities with all the means of preventing foreign media from covering the news of the killings and bloodshed.

The practices of Bashar al-Assad in Syria live in several aspects to be classified among crimes against humanity and a flagrant violation of all international charters and the International Bill to kill her for more than seven hundred people from the demonstrators so far, as well as thousands of wounded and detainees and missing persons, a practice that wild against an unarmed people came out to claim their rights peacefully.

We go day to you in the name of truth, justice and human conscience that draw on your invitation to attend his wife Asma Assad marriage ceremony Hviedkm Prince Harry, because the presence of wife dictator and murderer of Sheba in the hundreds during the week hurt the feelings of millions of the Syrian people as well as that its presence is a tribute at the time of committing her husband massacres against his people.

We thank you in advance and appreciate your position in the withdrawal of humanitarian advocacy in the hope that contribute to deter them from committing massacres and bloodshed.

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