In more then 50 Syrian towns & villages there were protests today including All major cities and Damascus the capital .

Syria’s Day of Rage Apr 29, 2011 Thousands continue to take to the streets across Syria,

 We bring you the latest news from our sources.


9:23pm Syrian local time.

Reports filtering in that more than 50 Syrians were killed as tens of thousands of protesters rallied for a “day of rage” after Friday prayers, defying warnings of a harsh crackdown, rights activists and officials said.

29 4 Dariya Damascus snipers أوغاريت داريا ريف دمشق قناصة على أسطح المباني

Qamoshli. April 29, 2011. Courtesy of the Syrian Revolution 2011


Damascus. April 29, 2011. Hassan Mosque Demonstrations


Aleppo. April 29, 2011. This is how a demonstration starts


Aleppo. April 29, 2011. Small demonstration starting from Radwan Mosque


Damascus. April 29, 2011. Midan demonstrations

Hama. April 29,2011. Destroying pictures of Assad and his father

Homs. April 29, 2011. Live fire against demonstrators but they persist

Deir el-Zour. April 29, 2011. Another Statute of Hafez al-Assad falls

Sheikh Miskeen. April 29, 2011. The massacre today

Sheik Miskeen. April 29, 2011. Tanks and soldiers firing at unarmed civilians

Kafar Shams. April 29, 2011. Demonstrations by women and children

Jassem. April 29, 2011. Large Demonstration in Support of Dara’a

29.04 ساحة العاصي إسقاط الصورة من عالبريد 29.04 Assi Square destroying

Assad photo

استشهاد شاب في معرة النعمان 29-4 Sniper killing of young man in Maart

Dara’a. April 29, 2011. Neighboring citizens trying to break the siege

شام – درعا – إطلاق نار على و سقوط شهيد – النعيمة shooting & the fall of the martyr -Town of Alenaimh Apr 29, 2011

شام – درعا – شهداء مجازر درعا بثلاجات  الخضروات  Gruesome discovery “Dara Martyrs massacred” They stored them in a vegetables refrigerator

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