Syrians Protest Across Country, Defying Government Order

In the light of the new situation taking place in Syria against the Syrian people the massacre taking against the peaceful protestors. The American Syrians condemn such atrocities against the peaceful protestors. We ask of the international community to stand with the democracy and freedom and self-determination of the Syrian People and demand the immediate halt of the gruesome bloodshed against the Syrian people. The Syrian American community has started demonstrations spurring up from Coast to Coast to show their support if the Syrian People, and vigils to honour the martyrs that have lost their lives. Please join our people in New York in front of the United Nations, in Michigan, Texas, or wherever demonstrations are taking place.  Find the closest demonstration and part take in the efforts to support the Syrian people in their aspirations of pursuing a democratic government.

Chicago Nationwide Candlelight Vigil for Syria

Vigil in Royal Oaks Michigan

Metro Detroit

Washington DC

Washington DC in front of the Syrian Embassy

Washington DC rally on April 30, 2011  Please join us

 DC Day-Long Syrian Protest with  Vigil at night is for the Syrian Martyrs of Freedom Pleas join US 

إضراب عام لمدة 3 أيام Please join us

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