Syrian Revolution News Round-up ملخص أحداث الثورة السورية Day 47: Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lift the Siege!
Protesters call Assad a traitor, and continue to defy his troops and thugs, as Kurds throw their lot completely behind their Arab compatriots thus deepening Assad’s crisis.Calls for toppling the regime adopted by Kurdish protesters in the city of Amoudeh on April 29 marks the first time Kurdish protesters have adopted this cry and signify an important milestone in Kurdish attitude towards the protest movement and their future in Syria. The movement has been a mostly Arab affair up to that moment. But now calls for ouster of the Assads are helping Syria’s Arab and Kurd communities find common grounds. While many analysts have taken pains to highlight the divisive effect of the protests movement, it is in actuality uniting most Syrians against their oppressors in a process that is helping the country’s myriad communities acknowledge their joint destiny.
With this development yet another tactic employed by the Assads to contain the protest movements seems to have failed. Syria’s Kurds refused to be coopted. The promise that Assad made to the Kurds calling for granting citizenship to over 300,000 denaturalized members of the Kurdish community has not had the desired effect. The Kurds will not be fooled by the promises of a tyrant. They have seen him renege on so many of them before.
According to eyewitness reports 6 people were killed by Assad troops. The dead included Osama Al-Sayassneh, son of Ahmad Al-Sayassneh, the Imam of Omary Mosque in Deraa City who was shot in the head for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of his father. Osama was host in the Mosque courtyard with three other young men.

Eyewitnesses report that 100 residents died in Deraa City alone since last Monday due to shelling and use of life gunfire against the locals by troops affiliated with the 4th Division.

Deraa City remains under siege with all basic services shut down, including communications, water and electricity. Food and medical supplies are running low, people depend on stored items. The cities of Kark and Sheikh Maskeen have also been attacked.

According to eyewitness reports, residents of Basra, Sayda, Maarbeh, etc. who came to the aid of Deraa City on April 29 were shot by army troops and security officers, fatalities and injuries reported.

50 women activists demonstrated in front of the People Assembly in Damascus to protest the siege of Deraa, 11 were arrested. Known opposition leaders Hassan Abdulazeem and Omar Qashash were also arrested and 3000 protesters held a candle light vigil in Bayas chanting anti-regime slogans.

Protest leaders called for a week of continuous protest to lift the siege imposed on Deraa City, Douma and other communities. Protests are planned throughout Deraa Province (Sunday), Damascus Suburbs (Monday), Banyas and Jableh (Tuesday) Homs and Talbisseh (Wednesday) and Tal Kalakh (Thursday). Nightly vigils are also scheduled to take place every night and throughout the country.

A video that came to light on Saturday morning shows that a massacre has taken place near the town of Talbisseh. Locals suspect the pro-Assad gangs known as the Shabbiha of being the perpetrators.

From Social Networking Websites


Funeral of fallen hero Nidal Al-Kushan, Namar

Crowds offer condolences to the family of the fallen hero Nidal Al-Kushan, Nawa

Tafas Wounded in a hospital video2

People of Jassem collect bread to deliver to besieged daraa v2

Damascus and Damascus Suburbs

Demo of the women of Damascus in Al-Saleheya

Funeral of fallen hero Hussein Moataz Eesa in Madaya v2 v3

Funeral of yesterday’s fallen hero in Madaya v2


Video of night demos to support besieged Daraa

v2 v3 v4, v5 Conversation with a young man

v6, v7 We will prevail with the help of God

v8 We give Daraa our souls & blood, v9


Funeral of fallen hero Alaa Al-Shweity in Talkalakh

Homs after funeral of Al-Shweity

Condolences given to the families of the fallen heroes in Al-Rasten

Father of the fallen hero Ali Warda telling the story in Al-Rasten v2 v3

Nigh demo in Baba Amr

Night candles marches in Deir Baalba to support besieged Daraa, Talbeesa, & Al-Rasten


Demo of Binsh to demand lifting the siege of besieged cities

Cleaning Binsh from the photos of the tyrant


Demo of Kubany in support of besieged cities v2

Demo of Kubany Ain Al-Arab to support the besieged cities

Crimes of The Syrian Regime

The regime fights the people with heavy weapons in Talbeesa v2

Shell thrown by the fourth division of the army on one of the houses in Talbeesa

Another shell thrown by the fourth division of the army on one of the houses in Talbeesa

Used bullet in Huriya square in Jassem, Daraa


Freemen of the Syrian army fire on an intelligence units that kills civilians

English subtitles: Dissident transcript Waleed Al-Kashamy from the Republican Guard

Ugarit Ironical video about the security forces

Around the World

Paris A song from Horan by the Syrians of Paris

Selection of TV Coverage

Aljazeera Security forces firing on civilians

Aljazeera airs Assad’s massacre in Al-Sheikh Meskeen on the Friday of Rage

Aljazeera The assassination of the son of sheikh Sayasna in Daraa

Aljazeera Call-in of eyewitness Abdullah Abazayd from Daraa

Al-Arabiya Eyewitness from Daraa

Al-Arabiya The 6 most prominent pillars of the Syrian regime

Al-Arabiya Obeida Al-Nahas & Taleb Ibrahim on Panorama program v2

Al-Arabiya Call-in by Ammar Kerby

BBC arabic Washington imposes sanctions on Syrian officials including Maher Al-Assad

Egypt TV Call-in by Khaled Abood and Ammar Kouraby

Al-Hiwar channel interview of Mohammed Fattouh v2

من مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي


زفاف الشهيد نضال الكوشان – نَمَرْ

حشود تتوجه لتهنئة اهل الشهيد نضال الكوشان – نوى

طفس جرحى في المشفى فيديو 2

أهالي جاسم يوم السبت يجمعون الخبز لإيصاله لدرعا المحاصرة فيديو2

دمشق وريفها

مظاهرة نساء دمشق بالصالحية

تشييع جنازة الشهيد حسين معتز عيسى مضايا فيديو2فيديو3

زفاف شهيد الأمس الى جنان الخلد مضايا فيديو2


مظاهرات ليلية مناصرة لدرعا الأبية المحاصرة

فيديو 1 فيديو 2

فيديو 3 فيديو 4

فيديو 5 حديث مع شاب


فيديو 7 منصورين بعون الله

فيديو 8 بالروح بالدم نفديكي يادرعا



مظاهرة مسائية في منطقة بابا عمرو

مسيرات ليلية بالشموع بدير بعلبة تضامنا مع درعا وتلبيسة والرستن المحاصرة

زفاف الشهيد علاء الشويطي تلكلخ

حمص بعد دفن الشهيد علاء الشويطي بتلكلخ

مجلس تلقي التهاني بالشهداء الرستن

والد الشهيد علي وردة يروي القصة – الرستن فيديو2فيديو3


مظاهرة فك الحصار عن المدن المحاصرة – بنش

تطهير المدينة من صور الطاغية – بنش


مظاهرة كوباني لنصرة المدن المحاصرة فيديو2

مظاهرة كوباني عين العرب تضامنا مع المدن الحاصرة

جرائم النظام السوري

النظام يحارب الشعب بأسلحة ثقيلة – تلبيسة حمص فيديو2

قذيفة  الفرقة الرابعة من الجيش السوري على أحد المنازل في تلبيسة، حمص

قذيفة أخرى للجيش السوري الفرقة الرابعة على أحد المنازل في تلبيسة بمحافظة حمص

إحدى الرصاصات المستخدمة، ساحة الحرية، جاسم، درعا


أحرار الجيش السوري يقصفون مفرزة مخابرات تقتل الناس

المجند المنشق وليد القشعمي من الحرس الجمهوري

أوغاريت – وللابتسامة مكان بيننا / الأمن السوري

حول العالم

باريس: أغنية حورانية من الجالية السورية

بعض من التغطية التلفزيونية

الجزيرة قوات الأمن تضرب المدنيين

الجزيرة تعرض مجازر بشار الاسد في الشيخ مسكين جمعة الغضب

الجزيرة درعا استشهاد ابن الشيخ الصياصنة

الجزيرة مداخلة عبد الله أبازيد من درعا

العربية شاهد عيان من درعا

العربية أبرز أركان النظام في سورية 6 مسؤولين

العربية عبيدة نحاس وطالب إبراهيم، برنامج بانورامافيديو2

العربية مقابلة مع عمار قربي

بي بي سي واشطن تفرض عقوبات على مسؤولين سوريين بينهم ماهر الأسد

الفضائية المصرية: خالد عبود ثم عمار قربي

قناة الحوار محمد فتوح فيديو2

بعض التقارير الصحفية

بي بي سي

Press Report

BBC (English): Family dynamics drive Syrian President Assad

 Prepared byAusama Monajed and others

for more info, eyewitnesses or commentary

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