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A taste of an active oppressive laws.

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A preview of some of the active oppressive laws the Syrian regime’s have been using.

People are still talking about the exceptional decrees and regulations that was and still are controversial.

The legislative decree number 6 for the year 1965

For life when demonstrating or trying to shake the trust of the people about the goals of the revolution and the article 16 for the legislative . Decree number 14 for the year 1966 which prohibits questioning the security apparatus about the crimes which they commit during their work and among them maybe torture till death. It is being requested as well to cancel the eighth article from the constitution which mandates that there shall not be another ruling party to the bath socialist party, also for the regulation  number 53 for the year 1979. The security of the party regulation, which mandates to execute or arrest anyone who intended to prevent the party from doing his duty and the regulation 49 for the year 1980 which mandates to execute anyone that belongs to the Muslim brotherhood. Back to the subject of torture . We said that the legislative decree number 14 which prevents questioning security people from committing a crime during their work.After that the legislation 69 of 2008, which mandates not to prosecute the police or the political sesecurity  which is accused to torture can only be prosecuted by the military leadership unit. The Kurds in Syria were affected by the exceptional decrees such as 93 of year 1962 which ends in taking away their nationality from tens of thousands of kurds till president bashar in order to give them the nationality duringthe bloody incidents. At the sametime in alhasaka in November of the year 1986. It is not allowed to speak Kirdish in the areas of work then the decision of another governor in the Hasaka to prevent using non Arabic songs in wedding and celebrations with kurds. The regulation 122 of year 1992 from international minister mandates to register Kurdish children with the security police.

Another example about the exceptional decrees is number 45 of the year 1966  which prevents raising carrier pigeons  which can only be distinguished from other pigeons by the ministry of defense.

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