Press Release: Local Syrian Community Files Federal Lawsuit Against Syrian Officials

Syrian Emergency Task Force


For immediate release Phone: (800) 385-6806

May 10, 2011


Local Syrian Community Files Federal Lawsuit Against Syrian Officials

Washington, D.C.,  On Wednesday, May 11, 2011 various Syrians and Syrian – Americans acting with the Syrian Emergency Task Force are filing a lawsuit under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) exception in order to go after the Ministry of Intelligence and the Syrian government itself, which have been at the forefront of torturing, maiming, kidnapping, detaining, and even murdering scores of Syrian citizens during the past two months – people who were simply trying to protest the actions of their government.

On a daily basis, there are security agents who follow protesters, abduct injured protesters from hospitals, fire into crowds at funerals, and abduct Syrians simply because they are protesting the conditions in their country. In the Interest of Justice a few brave individuals are speaking out and seeking legal action against the regime behind the cruel treatment of civilians and show that their actions have consequences. They are filing it to send a message to and to keep up the spirits of Syrians living in their home country who are afraid that the next day either they or family members will be murdered.

This lawsuit will also serve as a vehicle to warn perpetrators of outrageous conduct in the regime that their actions could mean they will find themselves prosecuted in the ICC. If they understand that their actions might eventually lead to an arrest and conviction, perhaps they will refuse to fire on their own people.

This lawsuit names the Syrian government, the Ministry of Intelligence, the al-Assad family and the governor of various towns. They are all major players in the ongoing criminal conspiracy to arrest, kidnap, detain, torture, and murder the good citizens of Syria.

Name of the court:  THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Address: 333 Constitution Avenue Northwest Washington D.C., DC 20001 Time: 12PM

For information contact us at or (800) 385-6806


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