Uncurl Syria’s Iron Fist! (Amnesty International)

Syria‘s army and security forces have killed residents with tanks and guns since peaceful protests began in mid-March.
Demand that President Bashar al-Assad stop the bloodshed in Syria!

Dear Wasim,

This is the Middle East protest movement you probably aren’t hearing enough about. The Syrian government is killing, beating and starving its people to prevent protests as uprisings sweep through the Middle East and North Africa.

Peaceful protestors in Syria must be allowed to express themselves. Instead, Syria’s army and security forces:

  • Sent tanks into the city of Dera’a and cut off electricity, shut down water supplies, and shelled residential areas.
  • Shot live bullets directly into protests and funeral processions.
  • Arrested hundreds arbitrarily, including 499 in one city in one day.
  • Beat detainees with sticks and cables and withheld food and water.

One detainee said that after being stripped and beaten, he was forced to lick his blood off the floor. He and other prisoners were denied food for three days and had to drink dirty water from a toilet for survival.
By Amnesty’s count, more than 580 protestors, bystanders and others have been killed during the pro-reform protests.

We don’t have to stand by idly while these abuses are committed. If there’s only one thing you do today,sign our petition to end the violence and be part of a truly global effort, with signatures to be delivered directly to Syrian embassies around the world.

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