Local Syrian American Community Files Federal Lawsuit Against Syrian Officials

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Local Syrian Community Files Federal Lawsuit Against Syrian Officials

WASHINGTON, May 11, 2011-  Today, in front of the US District Court in D.C. the Syrian Emergency Task Force, legal counsel from McMahon & Associates and two Syrian Americans took the first step in holding the Syrian regime accountable for their cruelty by filing a lawsuit against the Syrian government and several prominent officials.  The two Syrian-Americans shared accounts of bravery and loss, Hala is one of the many plaintiffs and Ahmad Alaswad is a spokesman for the Syrian emergency Task Force (SETF).

Hala is a young woman from Daraa who, in the past few weeks lost both her father and 15 year old brother.  Her father was shot in the torso on the streets of Daraa.  Her younger brother who would have started high school this fall was also shot.  Hala’s last name will not be released for the sake of her family still in Syria.

Ahmad Alaswad explained that the lawsuit is a first step, and an example that the Syrian government is not untouchable.  He also said the SETF asks “the United States and the International community to follow our example by taking tangible steps to make it clear to this regime that the bloodshed must end and all violators of International Law will be punished”.

Mr. Alaswad shared the stories of his two cousins who are doctors and what they witnessed in Syria, until they were arrested by the security forces.  The eyewitness accounts he described show just how ruthless the government is willing to be, and dire the situation of the people in Syria, especially in Daraa.

            After filing with the District Court, lead counsel Martin McMahon said the lawsuit is to inform the world of the recent killing and violence, as well as deter the government and security forces from their acts by making it clear that a criminal trial with the ICC is a real possibility.  He said the clients want the Syrian people to know that the world, and in particular, President Obama, the United States Congress, and the American citizenry, is watching,” and hope that “this lawsuit will give Syrian citizens some level of comfort that something is being done.”

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