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Al Jazeera interview with the SETF attorney regarding the filing of the lawsuit against the Syrian leadership

English Translation from Arabic:

The pictures and translation that  Al Jazeera provided SETF of Mr. Umer Akbar Ahmed, Esq, interview regarding the Syrian Emergency Task Force lawsuit against the Syrian leadership.


Q: Can you tell us a little about this lawsuit against Syria?

Mr. Umar Akbar Ahmed Esq on Al-Jazeera (Syrian Emergency Task Force lawsuit)


A: The law firm I work with, McMahon & Associates in Washington, D.C., has filed this major lawsuit with the aim of bringing about justice.  Justice is a very important component of the United States and is paramount to Islamic Societies, Adl is key.  When you don’t have justice, you see the killings and mayhem that are going on at present throughout the Middle East.  


Q: What are the objectives of this lawsuit?


A: Well, we are asking for monetary damages for the victims of the Syrian government: some plaintiffs have been horrifically tortured; others have lost close family members.  But the monetary damages are of secondary importance, the primary objective is for this lawsuit to act as a deterrent so that future acts of violence stop.  Once news gets out that this case has been successfully filed it should act as a deterrent.  


Q: What message would you like to give to anyone listening?


A: Absolutely, we would firstly like to push for and give a message to the European Union, to say that they should immediately freeze the assets of the Assad family and other senior Syrian officials who have many ties to Europe and have many assets there so that they can be reached.  That’s the first step, the second step is that we know that the ICC is in the process of issuing arrest warrants for senior Libyan officials and we would like to see the same action taken against senior members of the Syrian government who we know are in clear violations of international law as well as Syrian law.


Mr. Umar Akbar Ahmed Esq on Al-Jazeera (Syrian Emergency Task Force lawsuit)

Q: How are the various governments going to react to this?


A: Well, I think it’s in a lot of people’s interest, a lot of different members of different political parties as well as different governments and people around the world, do want to see justice done, including in the United States and the international community at large but most importantly, the Syrian civilian population themselves want to see justice done and this is the perfect avenue to do that.

Please send us any information regarding the Syrian government’s use of torture,
kidnapping of wounded from hospitals, shootings of innocent bystanders as well as
first hand witnesses that want to testify to the horrific crimes committed against the
Syrian people by the Syrian government.

Your name will not be released to anyone and will be absolutely confidential manner (secret) ….

you can contact us by Email: SyrianETF@gmail.com

twitter:  @SyrianETF

 Skype:  SyrianETF

 Call us:  001-800-385-6806

below you can read about the lawsuit. 

Syrian Emergency Task Force file lawsuit against Assad Regime on behalf of the Syrians.

More Information about the lawsuit:

Statement for the Press,  Press Release_Arabic,  Summary,  Martin McMahon Speech,  Ahmad Alaswad_Speech,


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