Help Defend the right of the Syrian people!!! We are looking for victims and witnesses..

The death toll in Syria now is over 800 and rising. Hundreds more have been arrested, many held incommunicado and torture.

Despite promises of reform, the Syrian government continues to engage in acts of violence and other abuses against its people, including shooting live bullets directly into protests and funeral processions.

Defend the right to free speech in Syria and the world over with a gift to Syrian Emergency Task Force.

The Syrian people have shown incredible resolve and remarkable bravery. They continue to speak out despite grave risks to their lives and liberty.

During a March protest, prominent pro-reform demonstrator Suheir al-Atassi was violently dragged away by her hair and arrested. Upon her April 3 release, she continued to demand reform.

Haytham al-Maleh, a veteran human rights lawyer and former prisoner of conscience, received death threats on his Facebook page, yet he spoke out recently on Al Jazeera television.

Human rights activists Hind al-Labwani, age 23, and Omar al-Labwani, age 19, both went into hiding after security forces threatened to arrest them. Their father, Kamal al-Labwani, is a prisoner of conscience who is currently serving a 12-year prison term.

Join Amnesty in calling for an end to the siege against the Syrian people – sign our petition to stop the bloodshed, then make a donation to SETF.

Protestors must be allowed to voice their opinions in safety.

Please send us any information regarding the Syrian government’s use of torture,
kidnapping of wounded from hospitals, shootings of innocent bystanders as well as
first hand witnesses that want to testify to the horrific crimes committed against the
Syrian people by the Syrian government.

Your name will not be released to anyone and will be absolutely confidential manner (secret) ….

you can contact us by Email:

twitter:  @SyrianETF

 Skype:  SyrianETF

 Call us:  001-800-385-6806

below you can read about the lawsuit. 

Syrian Emergency Task Force file lawsuit against Assad Regime on behalf of the Syrians.

More Information about the lawsuit:

Statement for the Press,  Press Release_Arabic,  Summary,  Martin McMahon Speech,  Ahmad Alaswad_Speech,

Contribute to the Syrian Cause

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