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Time for Justice for all the victims of the Syrian government oppression

Syrian Emergency Task Force

The Syrian Emergency Task Force has coordinated a group of plaintiffs who have been affected by the inhumane crimes the Assad regime has committed against the people of Syria.  This is the first step in holding the government accountable for the oppression that has taken place for decades under Hafez and Bashar Al-Assad.    The brave people who have submitted their complaints with the US District Court are represented by Martin McMahon & Associates in Washington D.C.  On Wednesday May 11th Mr. McMahon filed with the court and said that the lawsuit is to inform the world of the recent killing and violence, as well as deter the government and security forces from their acts by making it clear that a criminal trial with the ICC is a real possibility.  He said the clients want the Syrian people to know that the world, and in particular, President Obama, the United States Congress, and the American citizenry, is watching,” and hope that “this lawsuit will give Syrian citizens some level of comfort that something is being done.”

Our efforts do not end here.  There are thousands of Syrians being victimized every day by their government and we wish to see each of them have their day in court to bring the criminals in the regime to justice.  Therefore we ask you to send us any information regarding the Syrian government’s use of torture,  kidnapping of wounded from hospitals,  shootings of innocent bystanders as well as first hand witnesses that want to testify to the horrific crimes committed against the Syrian people by the Syrian government.

Your name will not be released to anyone and will be absolutely confidential ….

المحامي مارتن ماكموهين المفتاح الدولي لأمريكا Letter of Consent
you can contact us by Email at  SyrianETF@gmail.com

twitter:  @SyrianETF  —–  Skype:  SyrianETF  Call us:  001-800-385-6806

For more information click here to see our post on the press conference

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