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Assad’s Taqiyya against His People(Canada Free Press)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Although the origins of al-Taqiyya are found in fundamentalist dogma regarding propaganda, Ba’athists and other authoritarian regimes   in the region have used the practice for decades.  In short, once widespread opposition to his one-party regime became evident, Assad needed to shield himself from international retribution.

In an effort to buy time, the Syrian dictator announced that he would cancel ‘emergency law’ which forbids demonstrations and limits free speech Assad’s lack of credibility immunizes Syrian protesters to his “Taqiyya.”  No deception will convince them that the Syrian President’s intentions are good.  Ma’moun Homsi, a former Member of Syria’s Parliament who has been jailed several times for speaking out against the regime said recently, “The dictator is gaining time and playing the propagandist, nothing more.”

In essence, Mr. Assad simply replaced an outmoded tool, the state ofemergency, with a cutting-edge narrative referred to as “counter terrorism law.”  His own speech indicts the so-called ‘reformist’ head of the regime who warned, “There will no longer be ‘an excuse’ for organizing protests after Syria lifts emergency law and implements the reforms.”  What part of ‘reform’ does the Syrian President not understand?

When emergency law is lifted, it is so that protests can take place freely, not the other way around.  In fact, Assad’s speech sought to guild the rapidly tarnishing image of Damascus’ ruling elite.  Dozens of citizens, mostly youth, have been killed by his hit teams and snipers since the beginning of April.

Reports have accused Bashar of importing Iranian and Hezbollah’s militias to help suppress the protests. With such bloodshed, the regime has been delegitimized and its leaders will eventually face Syrian or international justice, no matter how long it takes, just as is the case in other Arab countries where rulers ordered protesters killed.

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