SOS from Syrian People.

Dear Sirs!

The Syrian people are exposed today to genocide by the security forces and Republican Guard Brigades and private armed belonging to the regime of what constitutes infringement and flagrant violation of all international laws and conventions…, national, and the system seeks to deny the Syrian people’s aspiration to freedom and to build state institutions, law and equality.
Since more than forty years Syria is controlled by the totalitarian system individually, so peaceful demonstrations took place on 15 March are, and still going on, calling for freedom and dignity and the restoration of the rights and freedoms of confiscation. The special forces and Republican Guard headed by the president’s brother – Maher al-Assad – started the suppression of citizens, where every day dozens of victims fall dead by live bullets.
Syrian people are looking forward to the international community in general and especially the European Union to rescue and save him from the oppression of its rulers with:

– Pressure in every way possible to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and his family in order to stop the blood bath and not to fire live bullets on peaceful demonstrators.
– Work to create a humanitarian corridor for food and medicine to the besieged cities.
– The release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience and opinion.
– The formation of an international investigation committee to investigate the merits of the regime’s crimes against humanity in Syria.
– To provide moral and logistical assistance for the prosecution of the perpetrators of the International Criminal Court.
– EU to take real action and urgent in order to freeze the assets in Europe of regime and all its assistants, in the top of them is Bashar al-Assad.
– Turn off all forms of EU support for the regime.
 The Syrian people are in urgent need of immediate international protection from the brutality of the regime, and we hope that attention should be paid to the seriousness of what is happening in Syria.

By:   Syrian Victims

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