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EU expands sanctions to Bashar Assad. Thank you!

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Herman Van Rompuy President of the European Council

Council of the European Union

Brussels, Belgium


Dear President Van Rompuy,

On behalf of the Syrian Emergency Task Force and the Syrian-American community, we would like to convey our gratitude to the European Union for your leadership on the crisis in Syria.  Thank you for standing with the Syrian people and their aspirations condemning the violence the Assad regime has unleashed on the civilian population.  In particular we want to express our thanks and admiration for imposing sanctions on Bashar as Assad and some of the other leaders of the brutal regime.

Syria is at a crossroad, and so far the Syrian government has chosen the path of oppression and destruction; instead of listening to the people and calls for reform by great leaders like you.  Your condemnation of their cruelty is so important in the International Community and to the Syrian people.

As Syrian-Americans we have been following the entrenched corruption in the Syrian government and respectfully submit their names to you as further perpetrators to investigate and add to the list of those sanctioned.  Those individuals are: Abdel Alghafour Sabouni, Abed Alateef Fahad, Adnan Bader Hassan, Adnan Belal, Adnan Makhlouf, Ahmed Shawkat, Ali Aslant, Ali Duba, Ali Fadel Alkenj, Ali Hamoud, Ali Hieder, Ameen Sharabi, Aneesa Makhlouf, Asef Shawkat, Atef Najeeb, Bade Alassad, Bahjat Suliman, Burhan Alghazali, Bushra Alassad, Eyad Ghazal, Eyad Makhlouf, Eyhab Makhlouf, Ez Aldeen Naser, Farrok Alshara, Fawaz Alassad, Ghassan Belal, Hani Azzouz, Hasan Khalel, Hassan Makhlouf, Hilal Alassad, Haitham Subhi Jawad, Hishaam Authman, Imad Gharewali, Isam Anbouba, Ibrahim Houejeh, Jamea Jamea, Jameel Alassad, Jihad Saftli, Kamal Alassad, Ismaeel Kamal  Alassad, Madar Alassad, Majed Alassad, Mohammad Abduh Ghazaleh, Mohammad Alassad, Mohammad Albakour, Mohammad Ali Saleh, Mohammad Alkhouly, Mohammad Alsyed, Mohammad Bakour, Mohammad Hassan Alagha, Mohammad Makhloof, Mohammad Naseef, Mohammad Sharabali, Mohammad Shawkat, Mohammad Suliman, Mohammed Hamsho, Muhsen Belal, Mustafa Altajer, Nabil Kuzbary, Nader Kalee, Nader Qali, Najee Aloutri, Numeer Alassad, Omar Karkour, Refat Alassad, Saheeb Alshami, Samer Hassan, Samer Alassad, Suliman Suliman, Talal Areslan, Thaer Abudel Allah Suliman, Wafeeka Alassad, Walid Zien, Waheeb Muree, Zazem Ghazaleh, Zuheir Ghazal, Zyad Shawkat.

As the Syrian people struggle for their rights, it is vital that they have support from other nations, so their calls for freedom will be heard around the world.  To have the support of the European Union for this movement is so important because of your influence around the world.  The collective voice of European nations for reform is such a vital part of the speedy and peaceful end to the crackdown in Syria.

Thank you for condemning the violence and speaking out for reform, and for your leadership on enacting sanctions.


Syrian Emergency Task Force

The Syrian Emergency Task Force is a non-profit organization based in the United States.  The SETF was created to support the Syrian people’s democratic aspirations and to provide a venue for them to convey those aspirations to the American people.

For information contact us at syrianetf@gmail.com or (800) 385-6806

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  1. Ali
    May 20, 2011 at 1:52 am

    Syria deserve all the support the world can offer..

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