EU will impose sanctions on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and others to follow

The European Union is to impose sanctions on Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president – reversing a decision that had left him off a blacklist of senior regime figures.

The decision is seen as largely symbolic and follows Washington’s announcement of sanctions on the Syrian leader. It is to be endorsed by EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday following agreement by ambassadors last Tuesday.

The EU placed a travel ban and assets freeze on 13 senior Syrian officials last week in protest at the regime’s violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators. Cyprus, Greece and Germany opposed the president being blacklisted.

Other countries hoped Assad might temper his crackdown if faced with possible sanctions, but the regime’s behaviour over the past week put paid to such expectations.

The foreign ministers on Monday will call for an immediate halt to violence against protesters in Syria and demand that Assad address the causes of the upheavals in the country.

Diplomats in Brussels said the 27 governments would call for a “national dialogue” in Syria, including a concrete timetable for political reform.

Diplomats admit the EU move is mainly symbolic and expected to have little impact on the regime’s conduct. Some say it could be counter-productive, lending credence to the regime’s propaganda campaign that the protests are being orchestrated by the west and by the pro-Israel lobby in order to weaken Syria.

The regime has dismissed the US announcement of sanctions against the president as “an American contribution to Israeli aggression against Syria and the Arabs”.

Syrian state television said: “The US measures are one in a series of sanctions imposed by consecutive American administrations against the Syrian people, as part of its regional plans whose priority is to serve the Israeli interest.”

Syrian Emergency Task Force has been informed for a possibility of these names are being investigated as well :

  • Abdel Alghafour Sabouni

  • Abed Alateef Fahad

  • Adnan Bader Hassan

  • Adnan Belal

  • Adnan Makhlouf

  • Ahmed Shawkat

  • Ali Aslant

  • Ali Duba

  • Ali Fadel Alkenj

  • Ali Hamoud

  • Ali Hieder

  • Ameen Sharabi

  • Aneesa Makhlouf

  • Asef Shawkat

  • Atef Najeeb

  • Bade Alassad

  • Bahjat Suliman

  • Burhan Alghazali

  • Bushra Alassad

  • Eyad Ghazal

  • Eyad Makhlouf

  • Eyhab Makhlouf

  • Ez Aldeen Naser

  • Farrok Alshara

  • Fawaz Alassad

  • Ghassan Belal

  • Hani Azzouz

  • Hasan Khalel

  • Hassan Makhlouf

  • Hilal Alassad

  • Haitham Subhi Jawad

  • Hishaam Authman

  • Imad Gharewali

  • Isam Anbouba

  • Ibrahim Houejeh

  • Jamea Jamea

  • Jameel Alassad

  • Jihad Saftli

  • Kamal Alassad

  • Ismaeel Kamal  Alassad

  • Madar Alassad

  • Majed Alassad

  • Mohammad Abduh Ghazaleh

  • Mohammad Alassad

  • Mohammad Albakour

  • Mohammad Ali Saleh

  • Mohammad Alkhouly

  • Mohammad Alsyed

  • Mohammad Bakour

  • Mohammad Hassan Alagha

  • Mohammad Makhloof

  • Mohammad Naseef

  • Mohammad Sharabali

  • Mohammad Shawkat

  • Mohammad Suliman

  • Mohammed Hamsho

  • Muhsen Belal

  • Mustafa Altajer

  • Nabil Kuzbary

  • Nader Kalee

  • Nader Qali

  • Najee Aloutri

  • Numeer Alassad

  • Omar Karkour

  • Refat Alassad

  • Saheeb Alshami

  • Samer Hassan

  • Samer Alassad

  • Suliman Suliman

  • Talal Areslan

  • Thaer Abudel Allah Suliman

  • Wafeeka Alassad

  • Walid Zien

  • Waheeb Muree

  • Zazem Ghazaleh

  • Zuheir Ghazal

  • Zyad Shawkat


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