Syrian Emergency Task Force’s Response to President Obama’s Speech to the Arab World.




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May 19, 2011

Syrian Emergency Task Force’s Response to President Obama’s Speech to the Arab World.

On behalf of The Syrian Emergency Task Force, we are grateful that President Obama has recognized the problems that have arose in Syria. We thank him for placing the blame on those within the Assad Regime and putting pressure on him to change his course of action. Unfortunately, this mere talk and lack of genuine strategic action is disheartening for the Syrian cause.

We urge the President to move quickly to seize these assets that the Assad Regime has embezzled from the Syrian people and give these funds back to the people themselves.

As of now, the people of Syria continue to have their personal liberties and basic human rights taken away at the hand of Bashar Al-Assad and his regime. The Syrian people are being unjustly imprisoned without cause and being held in prisons to be beaten and tortured in attempts to discourage uprising.

Tanks and the Syrian security forces are present during protests and witness accounts reveal that they are firing live ammunition on thousands which have resulted in many deaths.

The question that we are asking is, “What steps will the Obama administration do to prevent these atrocities from happening?” We urge the president to take action against Bashar Al-Assad and his administration to prevent any further harm from being done, and to bring these individuals to justice for these war crimes that are being committed.

The United States has demonstrated that in a popular struggle against autocratic rulers, they will always stand for the side of freedom, democracy and human rights. Furthermore, we urge the president to continue this trend.

Thank You,

You can download a copy of this press release here

  1. Talal
    May 19, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Rather than look for help in the west, who have their own agenda. The people should look to unite. There are too many people trying to discredit the opposition, the storm will never hit till all people are together.

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