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Syrian Revolution News Round-up ملخص أحداث الثورة السورية Day 65: Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sanctions & Mistakes

The U.S. imposes sanctions on Assad and provides him with an ultimatum: lead transition or leave.
8 more dead in Tal Kalakh amidst continued shelling. More nightly demonstrations took place in Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Damascus. The student protests in Aleppo over the last three days left 350 casualties and led to the arrest of more than 1,000 students, according to eyewitness reports.

The towns of Inkhel and Jassem in the Deraa Governorate are still under military siege, and mass arrests continue throughout the country.

Almost every major community across Syria, other than Aleppo and Damascus, observed the calls for the general strike issued by opposition forces yesterday.

In statements published by the Syrian daily Al-Watan, Assad is quoted as acknowledging the occurrence of some “mistakes” in the way his security officers dealt with the protests. He blamed this on their unpreparedness to handle situations like these.

Earlier in the day, Switzerland issued sanctions against 13 Syrian officials, including Maher Assad, Assef Shawkat and Rami Makhlouf. Shortly after, the US issued sanctions against Bashar Assad himself, his VP, the PM and 5 other Syrian officials.

If 1,000 dead protesters, 10,000 detainees and systematic torture can all be dismissed as “mistakes”, perhaps it is Bashar that should be dismissed as the biggest mistake of all, perhaps thinking him a reformer and engaging him was a mistake, perhaps the time has come for this mistake to be “corrected.” World leaders should call on Assad to step down!

While sanctions issued by the U.S. on Bashar Assad and his top officials might be largely symbolic, considering that none of them is likely to have major assets under U.S. jurisdiction, the symbolism is nonetheless quite important. For the sanctions do undermine the legitimacy of Bashar Assad leaving one avenue for future escalation: calling for his departure.

Assad has now been effectively presented with a “reform or leave” ultimatum, one that is likely to be endorsed by the EU when it imposes its own sanctions on Assad in the near future. Of course the EU sanctions will be more than symbolic, once they are implemented, because it is in Europe that the Assads keep most of their assets. Though tracking these assets may not be easy, and the sanctions may not have an immediate impact on the ability of the Assads and their determination to forge ahead with the violent crackdown against the protest movement, the delegitimization of the Assads will come as a shot in the arm for the country’s protesters who have been calling on the international community to support them.

DaraaAl-Mosayfera Funeral of heros Nader & Mohamed Al-Zoghby v2

Maaraba demo yesterday

Dael Doctos sit-in yesterday


Strike today

City centre on strike

At Nouri mosque strike

Ceiled market strike

Al-Dablan strike

Al-Naaoura marker all closed-up

Al-Hameedeya market on strike

Al-Kosoor district on strike

Al-Ghouta street on strike

Demos in the afternoon v2

Ceiled market demo

Al-Bayada & Khaledeya night demo

Talbeesa night demo

Bab Al-Sebaa district night demo

Al-Rasten night demo

Al-Rasten chanting “Oh men of the capital, we want a decisive Friday” yesterday

Al-Hawla & Teldo night demo yesterday

Al-Bayada night demo yesterday v2 v3


Al-Meedan night demo from Thoraya mosque v2

Al-Zahera demo

Al-Kaboon night demo

Rokn Al-Deen demo for freedom yesterday

Damascus Suburbs

Al-Moadameya women sit-in

Al-Zabadany messages to Bashar on closed shops


Al-Assy demo

Al-Madeena district, of Christian majority, demo

Al-Sergawy mosque demo yesterday

Helfaya demo


Kafrnabl strike

Kafrnabl people express their joy at city entrances

Kafrooma, Hass, & Kafrnabl villages demo

Kafrooma children chant for freedom


Al-Kameshly demo

Kameshlo demo

Deir Al-Zour

Al-Tayana & Kooreyya heroes kick out thugs and security elements


Efreen strike

Salah Al-Deen demo

Seif Al-Dawla night demo

University dormitory night demo yesterday

Crimes of The Syrian Regime

Talkalakh heavy artillery shelling

Tartous Tanks head to Baniyas

Aleppo Arrests in university dormitory yesterday

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Daraa

Direct shooting at medical aids

Fallen hero Nader Al-Zoghby

Destruction of Aby Bakr mosque and children witness stories

Witness stories of the children of Daraa

Tartars passed from here

Father of fallen hero tortured for aiding son

Izrie Child Fady shot at the back on 22 April


Top secret Facts of the Syrian revolution

Daraa A child lectures Bashar

A surrounded thug/Shabbih recites a poem

Kid Salfai infiltrators threaten the security of Syria

Selection of TV Coverage

Al-Jazeera Syria’s news

Al-Jazeera Interview with reporter held in Syria

Al-Mostakbal A report about Syria’s strike

BBC Touching recounts for the people who fled Talkalakh to Al-Dababeyya

Selection of Press Coverage

BBC: US sanctions target Pre. Bashar Assad

Al-Shark Al-Awsat: Washington: Circle tightening around Damascus.. Opposition calls for a general strike

BBC: Reports of targeting the displaced, Assad admits “mistakes”

Al-Quds Al-Araby: Residents say bodies on the streets of Talkalakh

Al-Arabiya: Syria’s Kurds join their Facebook pages and call for Friday of Freedom

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