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Maher al Assad the secrete gunman of President Bashar Assad

 When you are the second most powerful individual in a country that is considered to be the top dictator in the world, we began to think you are above international law, due

Crowd control Syrian-style in the streets of Barzeh, a suburb of Damascus. Credit: YouTube

to the feeling of the lack of justicein that country’s laws.

Whenever someone opposes you or goes against you, you have no problem of killing that person.

That is what Maher al-Assad is doing.

According to a LATimes article, activists and observers who’ve examined an extraordinary video posted to the Internet, that’s exactly what Maher Assad, brother of Syrian


President Bashar Assad, did on Friday, gleefully shooting at unarmed protesters as they chanted for the downfall of his regime in the Barzeh suburb of Damascus.

These ruthless acts will not go without justice. The Assad family have gotten away from justice for far to long. The Syrian Emergency Task Force would like to deliver a message to the Assad family, that your time in power is coming to an end. You all will be out of power, and Syrians will get their justice and dignity back.

“The man in the leather jacket is surrounded not only by police officers in riot gear, and possibly intelligence officers, but bands of plainclothes pro-government strongmen, called shabiha by the protesters, who are trying to shield his face, presumably from the scrutiny of cellphone cameras.

Apparently, they didn’t consider that someone from behind could be filming the scene.”   — Los Angeles Times


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