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Syrian Revolution News Round-up Day 67: Azzadi Friday, 20 May 2011

Back to the Beginning!
As Assad forces continue to seek salvation through bloodletting, protesters rely on sheer defiance and continued commitment to nonviolence, managing to reenergize their 9-weeks long movement.

44 dead and dozens wounded in the largest day of protest yet, with death toll expected to rise as more communities send their reports on Azzadi Friday (Azzadi in Kurdish means “Freedom”).

Damascus & Suburbs, Hama & Suburbs, Homs & Suburbs, Idlib & Suburbs, Deraa & Suburbs, Alboukamal, Deir Ezzor, Raqqah, Qamishly, Amudeh, Kobani Banyas and Jableh among others, all took part in the protests.

With so many dead today despite all international pressures and sanctions, it’s clear that the Assads won’t go gently into that good night, but since the protesters are foolhardy enough to keep taking to the streets to die for the cause, the choice facing world leaders is how much bloodshed will be enough before they act.

We might call it the Obama Effect: those who felt the American President’s speech as being too light on Assad felt angered and expressed their frustration by taking to the streets, and those who felt it was just right for now, having raised the possibility of Assad’s departure, have also taken to the streets feeling that the momentum is back on their side.

This is at least one explanation for the mass turnout today. But even if true, the Obama Effect is just one factor here, a marginal one even. The reality is: the protesters were reacting to repeated assertions by Syrian officials over the last two weeks that their movement has lost steam and that the authorities have regained the upper-hand. They were also reacting to the statements by Bashar Al-Assad’s cousin, Rami Makhlouf that struck a raw nerve with Syrians by stressing the family-based nature of the regime and the willingness of the Assads to do whatever it takes to hang on to power.

Now it’s all about the Assads. The masks are off.  Rami’s statements about Israeli security rendered all talk about resistance ideology rather meaningless. Even security officers are now order to chant for “Abu Hafiz” during their clashes with protesters. Abu Hafiz is Bashar’s traditional nickname and refers to the name of both his late father and his eldest son. The point is to say that Bashar will rule until his death and will be followed by his son. A pro-regime graffiti left on the walls of a Homs community by security officers even state “Bashar is our King.”

Forget about reforms then: the choice this is about Assad forever or Assad never. Whatever “reforms” Assad will be willing to entertain can never challenge his or his family’s hold on power, which is a complete anathema to the protesters. The resulting stalemate means more violence will continue to take place on a daily basis throughout the country, for the foreseeable future and until such time that army leadership begins cracking under pressure, with some changing their loyalties to the side of the protesters. Naturally, sectarian faultiness will figure highly in this. The ability of Syrian opposition forces to project an alternative that can be embraced by grassroots protest leaders and the international community will facilitate the adoption of a more proactive response by the international community, pushing leaders like President Obama into making clear-cut calls on Assad to leave or face certain dire consequences.

DamascusBarza 2 3 4Erbeen

Rokn Al-Deen 2


Al-Dheiba mosque

Nahr Aisha



Al-Meedan near Teshreen newspaper


Abu Ayub Al-Ansary mosque

Zayd mosque

Al-Hajar AlAswad 2

Kabr Ateka


A brave photographer defying the security with his camera

Night demo 2

Tearing Bashar’s poster

Damascus Suburbs


Katana 2 3

Artooz 2


Funeral of fallen hero Ahmed Zoheir Al-Azab tonight in Dariay 2 3 4

Moaddamiya 1 2 3

Children call for freeing the detained

Women demo





Bosra Al-Sham

Kherbet Ghazala

Ibtie v2


Banyas Demos despite the siege





Al-Kosoor district

Bab Al-Sebaa v2 v3 v4

Meeting of Karm Al-Shamy youth with Bab Al-Sebaa’s

Deir Baalba

Souk Al-Hasheesh


Baba Amr

Baba Amr Muslims & Christians on the day of Freedom

Al-Khaledeya square

Al-Khaledeya Security elements run away from demonestrators

Bab Al-Dereib

Khadeeja school

Obituary of Arab league

Al-Hawla Message to Medvedev


Beginning Friday prayer.. preparing for Friday of Freedom

Al-Rasten v2 v3

Al-Rasten huge demos, climbing walls


Talbeea v2

Speech of one of elderly

Huge demo

Burning SyriaTel recharge cards

Homs: Night demos


Bab Al-Sebaa

Al-Khaledeya district v2



Aby Al-Fedaa

Burning Russian, Chinese & Iranian flags

Al-Assy 2 3 4 5 6


Al-Hader burning a puppet of Bashar

Al-Hader demo & tear gas

Slogans on walls calling for dismantling the army and forming a national army

Suran & Taybet Al-Imam


Al-Raml Al-Falasteeny

Al-Tabeyat district near Al-Rahman mosque

Haret Al-Kalaa


For Baathists

Al-Maghraby mosque





Jesr Al-Shoghour huge demo & resignations from Baath party

Jesr Al-Shoghour

Khan Shaykhoon


Maaret Al-Noman



Security throw tear gas

Funeral prayers of 2 fallen heroes in Al-Kabeer mosque




Kameshlo 2 3


Amooda v2

Deir Al-Zour

Al-Bukamal 2





Sayf Al-Dawla

Ein Al-Arab


Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Idlib

Maaret Al-Noman– Gunshots and wounded

Maaret Al-Noman Firing at a funeral

Maaret Al-Noman Live bullets shot at demonstrators

Maaret Al-Noman A wounded man

Maaret Al-Noman A fallen hero

Maaret Al-Noman Fallen hero Hassan Al-Saeed

Al-Satooma moving the wounded in a car

Al-Mastooma like a real war

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Hama

Shooting demonstrators with English subtitles

Shooting demonstrators from a close distance

Fallen hero Mosaab Rashwany the minute he is shot

Security forcesspraying protestors with water

Heroes of Hama chasing security forces

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Homs

Fallen child Ayham Al-Ahmad 11 years old, shot in the head

Fallen hero Mohamed Mulla Omar taking his last breath after being shot in the heart

Al-Khaledya another fallen hero

Mohamed Khodr Al-Eesa

A fallen hero

Bab Al-Sebaa Fallen hero Mostafa Al-Zekreit

Bab Al-Sebaa Fallen hero Ahmed ibn Abdel Moeen

Fallen heroes blood

Tanks beforfe Friday prayers

Bab Al-Sebaa Heavy shooting

Baba Amr Heavy shooting

Baba Amr Aiding a wounded man

Arresting a demonstrator

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Daraa

Security forces still occupy Daraa 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Syrian TV & security near Al-Omary mosque

Army reinforcemnts head to Daraa yesterday

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Damascus & Suburbs

Al-Meedan Shabbiha arrest demonstrators

Al-Kaboon storming houses and kidnapping the wounded

Darya shooting demonstrators 2

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Lattakia

Suppresion of security & Shabbiha

Fallen hero Abdul Rahman Kbaro

Fallen hero of Al-Raml

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Al-Suwaida

Demo attacked by Shabbiha

Selection of TV Coverage

Ali Al-Dekbasy Head of the Arab parliment

Obeida Fares on Al-Arabiya

Al-Jazeera Tonight

Selection of Press Coverage

New York Times: Syrian Police Open Fire on Protesters, Killing 17

BBC: Horrifying tales from the displaces in Lebanon

Al-Watan Security forces shoot & kill 34 in Syria

Aljazeera: Fallen heroes of Friday of Freedom on the rise


Friday khutba of Sheikh Kraiyem Rajeh in which he resigns

Wake Up: Message to the international media from the Syrians

دمشقدمشق برزة 1 ج2 ج3 ج4عربين

ركن الدين ج2


مسجد الدهيبة

نهر عيشة



الميدان – قرب جريدة تشرين


جامع أبو أيوب الأنصاري

جامع زيد

الحجر الأسود ج2

قبر عاتكة


مصور شجاع يتحدى الامن بكاميرته في جمعة آزادي

مظاهرة مسائية ج1 ج2

تمزيق صورة الأسد في القابون مساءا في جمعة آزادي

ريف دمشق


قطنا ج2 ج3

عرطوز ج2


درايا ريف دمشق تشييع الشهيد أحمد زهير العزب مساءا في جمعة آزادي ج2 ج3 ج4

المعضمية ج2 ج3

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