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Syrian Revolution News Round-up ملخص أحداث الثورة السورية Day 68: Saturday, 21 May 2011


The mass murder in Syria continues, as funerals produce more funerals, and the Assads persist in their devilish ways. Opposition calls for a conference to elect a transitional council.

11 protesters were killed when security forces opened fire on 50,000 mourners streaming out of a cemetery in Homs. Most merchants and shop owners in Homs observed a strike in protest of the killings on Friday May 20.

More than a 1,000 protester took part in an afternoon demonstration in the Damascene Suburb of Serghaya. Participants shouted slogans calling for toppling the regime and in support of the nearby communities of Madaya and Zabadani. Chants: “We don’t want Maher or Bashar, we only choose the revolution,” and “No to Assad, no to Makhlouf, after today there will be no more fear.”

Security officers also opened fire on protesters in Saqba calling for toppling the regime, leaving one confirmed fatality. Another demonstration took place in the Damascene neighborhood of Al-Qadam with protesters calling for toppling the regime.

Sources estimate the number of Syrian refugees that have crossed to Lebanon at 5,000.

Sources affiliated with different Syrian opposition groups announced today that a conference to elect a transitional council will take place in Turkey by month-end. The goal is to provide an alternative that can be endorsed by protesters and embraced by the international community in the hope of facilitating international agreement on the need for regime change in Syria.

Official death toll figures provided by human rights organizations fall miserably short of reflecting the actual reality on the ground. Bodies are often snatched and buried in mass graves and activists have a hard time communicating with people from besieged and hard-hit communities, making verification of actual figures difficult. Moreover, the missing and the seriously injured are in the thousands, the fate of the detainees cannot be ascertained, and the experiences of the last few weeks have taught us, especially with the discovery of mass graves in Deraa City, that matters are much worse than actually reported. We have to bear this in mind whenever we read reports of casualties.
Tidbits & Highlights from Friday, the 20th of May:

The general plan in the Idlib Governorate was to march from different communities to Idlib City in order to create a Tahrir Square scenario. The security forces got wind of that, which is why they ambushed the different marches and sent army tanks into Jisr Ashoughour in a successful attempt to prevent the convergence of the different demonstrations in Idlib City. Had protesters managed to successfully implement their plans, more than 250,000 people would have gathered in downtown Idlib creating a nightmarish situation for the authorities. It is the success of Assad security forces and militias in preventing such convergences, through the use of lethal force, that is preventing the protest movement from gathering even more momentum. Assads security chiefs must realize this of course, which is why the use of lethal force will never stop.

In Idlib, near the village of Al-Mastoumeh, security forces opened fire on protesters killing over 30, and wounding dozens. But angry protesters still marched into the town of Areeha and set fire to the local Baath Party headquarters and other official buildings. Meanwhile, army troops and tanks rolled into the town of Jisr Ashoughour, and opened fire against unarmed protesters, killing many.

The city of Salamiyyeh with its mixed populations, including Sunnis, Alawites and Ismailis, witnessed massive demonstrations calling for toppling the regime. Here, and in an attempt to cause communal rifts, security forces bussed in residents from nearby Alawite villages and had them stage pro-Assad demonstrations which ended up clashing with protesters. No word on casualties yet.

Security forces raided the headquarters of the Assyrian Democratic Organization, a Qamishly-based Christian organization that has been part of the Syrian opposition movement for over a decade and who took part in organizing the protests in Qamishly, confiscating all files and electronic equipment. Security forces also arrested dozens of Assyrian residents, including: Dr. Malak Jacob, Dr. Samir Abraham, Karam Dawle, Gabriel Romanos, Barsom Joseph, Ghandi Safar, Jacob Gharib.


Tal Nasr Army tanks belong to the people

Strkie of honourable merchants in mourning of fallen heroes v2‬‎

Bab AlSebaa demo

Teaching regime blind-supporters how to count

Funeral of Friday’s fallen heroes v2 v3‬‎

Funeral of fallen hero Mohamed Ali Mostafa

Funeral of fallen hero from AlAbbas  mosque

Funeral of fallen hero from Auf mosque v2

Funeral of fallen heroes from AlNour mosque

Al-Waar Free women in funeral procession

Funeral procession to Tal Nasr v2 v3

Huge crowds of mourners

“They want it sectarian, we want it peaceful, even if it costs us our blood” (yesterday)


Funeral of Mosaad Rashwany

Al-Derbaseya, Al-Kameshly demo yesterday


Kafrooma Funeral of hero Ahmed Modar Al-Hassan

Marching to Idlib yesterday

Thousands march to Maaret Al-N0man & Al-Zaweya yesterday

Protesters reach the enterences of Areeha yesterday

Maaret Al-Noman Blocking Aleppo-Damascus road yesterday

Deir Al-Zour

Burning the Baath party building in Al-Bukamalyesterday


Al-Thorayya, Al-Meedan demo yesterday

Jesr Zamalka, Juber demo yesterday


Demo yesterday

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Homs

Shooring funerals v2

Shootings & aiding the wounded v2

Heavy shooting A clear clip

Aiding the wounded of the funerals massacre

Wounded of Tal Nasr

One of the wounded of Tal Nasr

One of the fallen heroes of Tal Nasr

Security use banned ammunition yesterday

Marks of sabotage by security & Shabbiha, & their slogans yesterday v2 v3 v4

A demonstrator beside the camera man is shot by security

Asheera district A tank killing demonstratorsyesterday

Young boy killed by Assad regime yesterday

Fallen hero Ahmed Bakr yesterday

Fallen hero Mohamed Al-Attar yesterday

Fallen hero yesterday. Graphic.

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Hama

Security forces beat a demonstrator to deathyesterday

Fallen hero Mosaad Rashway yesterday

Crimes of The Syrian Regime: Damascus Suburbas

Shooring demonstrators & houses in Sakba yesterday

Security forces attack in Sakba yesterday

Security & Shabbiha attack in big numbers in Sakba yesterday

Cars sabotaged by security in Sakba yesterday

Dariya: Demonstrators & suppressive securityyesterday

Dariya: Security runs away from the men of Dariya yesterday

Dariya: Security sabotaging & stealing from refrigerators yesterday

Dariya: Security eat and drink from stolen shopsyesterday

Dariya: Security forces spreading

Dariya: Heavy shooting yesterday

Dariya: Arresting demonstrators yesterday

Al-Moudameya: A free woman prays to God against the regime yesterday

Crimes of the Syrian regime: Idlib

Banash A fallen hero yesterday

Al-Mastooma massacre yesterday

Around The World

New York Syrian demo today v2 v3

Algeria Syrians stand v2 v3

Greece Syrian demo yesterday v2

Selection of TV Coverage

BBC: Syrian security forces kill 5 in Homs funeral processions

BBC: 44 killed on Friday

Aljazeera: Obeida Nahhas interview yesterday

Aljazeera English: Syrian police kill more protesters

Selection of Press Coverage

CNN: 44 killed on Friday of Freedom in Syria

The Independent: Syria fires on thousands of protesters despite US warnings

Revolution Media

From Syrians abroad: “We are away but we have not forgotten”


تل النصر – دبابات الجيش ملك الشعب

إضراب التجار الشرفاء حدادا على الشهداء ج2‬‎

باب السباع – مظاهرات اليوم

تعليم العد مرة أخرى لأبواق النظام

زفاف شهداء جمعة الحرية ج2 ج3 ‎

زفاف الشهيد محمد علي مصطفى

زفاف شهيد من جامع العباس

جنازة شهيد من جامع عوف ج2

زفاف الشهداء من جامع النور الخالدية

الوعر – حرائر حمص يزفون الشهداء

موكب الزفاف الى تل النصر ج2 ج3

حشود المشيعين – منظر مهيب

يريدونها طائفية نريدها سلمية حتى لو بدمائنا – البارحة


زفاف الشهيد مصعب رشواني

مظاهرة الدرباسية القامشلي، البارحة


كفرومة إدلب تشييع الشهيد أحمد مضر الحسن اليوم

الزحف إلى مدينة ادلب البارحة

زحف الآلاف من معرة النعمان والزاوية البارحة

وصول الثوار إلى مدخل أريحا البارحة

معرة النعمان – قطع طريق حلب-دمشق البارحة

دير الزور

إحراق مقر حزب البعث في البوكمال – جمعة آزادي


الثريا وسط دمشق الميدان البارحة

جسر زملكا في جوبر، البارحة


مظاهرة جمعة الحرية آزادي

جرائم النظام السوري: حمص

إطلاق النار على مشيعي شهداء الحرية ج2

إطلاق النار وإسعاف مشيعي الشهداء ج2

إطلاق نار كثيف، مقطع واضح

إسعاف جرحى مجزرة التشييع

جرحى مجزرة تل النصر

أحد مصابي مجزرة تل النصر

أحد شهداء مجزرة التشييع في تل النصر

الأمن يستخدم ذخائر محظورة بجمعة آزادي البارحة

آثار تخريب الأمن والشبيحة وشعاراتهم البارحة ج2ج3 ج4

إصابة أحد المتظاهرين بجانب المصور برصاص الأمن السوري

حي عشيرة – دبابة تقتل المتظاهرين البارحة

نظام الأسد يقتل طفلاً في مظاهرات آزادي البارحة

الشهيد أحمد بكر بجمعة آزادي

الشهيد البطل محمد العطار البارحة

أحد شهداء جمعة آزادي، مؤثر جداً

جرائم النظام السوري: حماة

قتل متظاهر بالضرب من قبل الأمن

شهيد جمعة الحرية البطل مصعب رشواني البارحة

جرائم النظام السوري: ريف دمشق

إطلاق نار على المتظاهرين والبيوت في سقبا البارحة

هجوم قوات الأمن بجمعة الحرية في سقبا البارحة

هجوم الامن والشبيحة بأعداد كبيرة في سقبا البارحة

تكسير السيارات من قبل الأمن في سقبا البارحة

داريا – المتظاهرين وقوات الأمن القمعية البارحة

داريا – هروب قوات الأمن من رجال داريا البارحة

داريا – الامن يخرب ويسرق من البرادات البارحة

داريا – الأمن يأكل ويشرب من المحلات المنهوبة البارحة

داريا – انتشار الامن

داريا – إطلاق نار كثيف البارحة

داريا – اعتقال المتظاهرين البارحة

المعضمية حرة تشكي الى الله مسعوري النظام

جرائم النظام السوري: إدلب

بنش – شهيد من جمعة آزادي البارحة

مجزرة المسطومة يوم جمعة الحرية

حول العالم

نيويورك ج2 ج3

الجزائر وقفة الجالية السورية اليوم ج2 ج3

اليونان مظاهرات سورية البارحة ج2

بعض من التغطية التلفزيونية

بي بي سي: الأمن السوري يقتل خمسة أثناء تشييع جنازات بحمص

بي بي سي: عدد قتلى الجمعة بلغ 44

الجزيرة: مقابلة مع عبيدة نحاس يوم جمعة آزادي

بعض من التغطية الصحفية

سي ان ان العربية: 44 قتيلاً في “جمعة الحرية” بسورية

من إعلام الثورة

من المغتربين إلى سورية – تغربنا ولكن ما نسينا

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