Syrians in London stage demonstration(arab news)

Syrian and Kurdish flags are waved in front of the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office where Arab and Kurdish Syrians stand united to show their support and raise awareness on the situation in Syria.

They all gathered under the slogan, “I am Syrian let me be…Give me freedom, don’t kill me.”

“We want the British government to support our people in Syria. We are really worried about our people everywhere in Syria and in Deraa where there is no food or water for five weeks,” said Hejar Ibrahim.

Together in loud voices they chanted “Free Free Syria” and “Azadi” (freedom in Kurdish language).

Hejar told Arab News that the demonstrations take place in Downing Street and in front of the Syrian Embassy every week to support Syrians. “We want a new government, we do not want Baath Party,” he said.

“As a Kurd from Syria, I want to see change taking place in the north (where the largest Kurdish community in Syria resides). People in Aljazeera and Alhasakah do not have national IDs as the government is not accepting them as Syrian citizens.”

Demonstrator Ali El-Khalaf was concerned about educating passers-by about the reason why this event is taking place. He said that he wants to let people know about the situation in Syria. “We are hoping for a pressure on the Syrian government to reform and give more freedom to people. What is happening in Syria is inhumane and unacceptable.”

He added that he does not want to see what happened in Hamah in 1982 to happen again today. “We are all united, Syrians chanting in Arabic and Kurdish, and we want freedom and reform in our country,”

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