Call for general strike in Syria(Al Bawaba)

Al Bawaba reported that the Syrian opposition has called for a general strike on Wednesday. “Wednesday will be a day of general strike in Syria,” said a statement posted on the Facebook page of the Syrian Revolution 2011.

“It will be a day of punishment for the regime by the revolutionaries and the people of free will,” it added.

Shops are closed to observe a strike in Homs in May

The Syrian oppositions are doing this due to the unconfirmed reports of corpses and dozens of wounded left lying in the streets of the western town of Tel Kalakh where the Syrian army is now concentrating its crackdown.

On Tuesday, a resident of the northern city of Homs, which has been besieged by the army, said shelling and shooting were heard late into the night in the Deir Baalba neighbourhood.

The Syrian government have accused the killing of two police officers on Monday in Deir Baalba after being under fire by an “armed terrorist gang”.

The agency, quoting the interior ministry, also dismissed reports that a mass grave had been found in the southern flashpoint of Daraa. “Reports of a mass grave in Daraa are completely untrue,” the interior ministry said. “These reports are part of a campaign of incitement and lies against Syria.”

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