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Syrian expatriates call for international intervention (Jordan Times)

May 22–AMMAN — Calling for an international intervention to stop the “massacres” against civilians in their homeland, several Syrians gathered in front of the UN headquarters in Amman on Saturday.

Chanting anti-regime slogans, the protesters called for an end of Baath regime rule and highlighted its “brutal” actions against civilians, beginning with the 1982 Hama masscare.

“The Syrian army was ordered by the regime to conduct a scorched-earth policy against Hama to suppress a revolt by the regime’s opponents,” one woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, told The Jordan Times during yesterday’s protest.

She recounted how her mother was tortured and taken to prison.

Syrians living in Jordan protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad

“We have heard nothing about her since that day… her only fault was that one of her sons opposed the regime,” the woman said, noting that she and her family fled to Jordan and have been living in the Kingdom for almost 30 years.

Ahmad Abdul Qader, a Syrian in his sixties who has spent almost half of his life in Jordan, said he has never been more “optimistic” about the future of Syria.

“We will soon enjoy the taste of freedom…we will soon return to our beloved country,” noted Qader, who described himself as a “victim” of the regime.

The protesters urged the UN Security Council and the Arab League to take action and support Syrians in their call to end the Baath regime.

“We also demand a UN resolution similar to that taken on Libya,” Mohammad Ottri, one of the organisers of yesterday’s protest said.

“The free media would be shocked if they saw the regime’s actions in Syria for themselves,” the PhD student said, condemning Syrians who call for giving President Bashar Assad a second chance to embark on reform.

A similar protest was held in front of the Syrian embassy on Friday.

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