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Judicial source: Lebanese deny knowledge of arms sent to Syria

By: Youssef Diab

The Daily Star

BEIRUT: Following the broadcast of confessions made by two Syrians allegedly involved in arms smuggling, Lebanese officials denied having any knowledge of weapons being sent from Lebanon to Syria, a senior judicial source told The Daily Star Monday.

The Lebanese judiciary cannot pursue any action on the accusations of arms smuggling that came out of the televised confessions, the source said in reference to the interviews, which were broadcast Sunday on Syrian state television, of two alleged members of a “terrorist cell” that transported arms from Lebanon into Syria.

One of the two men, who were reportedly arrested in the cities of Daraa and Banias on charges of terrorism and vandalism of government property, claimed that weapons, which were being distributed in Syria, originated in Lebanon.

Banias resident Abdelkader Mohammad Zeir said he coordinated the distribution of weapons in Syria after he and a number of other Syrians received the weapons from Lebanon, the Syrian National News Agency quoted Zeir as saying in a broadcasted interview.

“The weapons were arriving from Lebanon,” he said. “Abdelkader Adra used to go to the border area to bring them to Banias.”

The Syrian regime had earlier accused members of the Future Movement of providing funding to groups in Syria to lead protests against the regime.

In a similar confession broadcast by the Syrian state television earlier this month, a three-member “terrorist cell” said it had received funds and weapons from Future Movement MP Jamal Jarrah to fuel a wave of protests against the ruling Baath regime.

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