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Syrian Emergency Task Force’s Response to the Switzerland Placing Sanctions on Bashar Al-Assad


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Press Release 

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Email: SyrianETF@gmail.com

Phone: (800) 385 – 6806

 On behalf of The Syrian Emergency Task Force, we are much appreciative that Switzerland has joined the international trend, and took steps to punish the people responsible in Syria. We thank you for placing the blame on those within the Assad Regime and putting pressure on him to change his course of action.

As of now, the people of Syria continue to have their personal liberties and basic human rights taken away at the hand of Bashar Al-Assad and his regime. The Syrian people are being unjustly imprisoned without cause and being held in prisons to be beaten and tortured in attempts to discourage uprising.

Tanks and the Syrian security forces are present during protests and witness accounts reveal that they are firing live ammunition on thousands, which have resulted in many deaths. The recent death toll has revealed that over 1300 innocent civilians, including women, children, and the elderly, have been massacred so far; unfortunately, even more have been kidnapped or imprisoned.

We applaud the Switzerland government for freezing any assets Bashar Al-Assad and more than 20 key players in the Assad Regime. With these pressures from Switzerland and the International Community, we anticipate the murderous acts of Bashar Al-Assad and his key members of his cabinet will come to an end.

The Switzerland government has demonstrated that in a popular struggle against autocratic rulers, they will always stand for the side of freedom, democracy and human rights.

Furthermore, we urge you to continue this trend.

Thank you,

The Syrian Emergency Task Force.

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