Who will take the opportunity to get the last musical chair?

May 25, 2011

Syrian Emergency Task Force Team

By: Ahmad Alaswad

The sound of gun shots still echo in the streets of Egypt, bloodstains on the sidewalk still haunt the people of Egypt, these were some of the sacrifices the brave Egypt people agreed to take in order to have President Mubarak step down from his three decade repressive regime.

As democracy is being formed in Egypt, the people are now pursing, not only the money that Mubarak stole from the Egyptian people, but Mubarak and his two sons for the deaths of the protesters from the Egyptian Revolution.

Al-Jazeera reported that, “The charges included “intentional murder, attempted killing of some demonstrators … misuse of influence and deliberately wasting public funds and unlawfully making private financial gains and profits”, the prosecutor said in a statement on Tuesday”(Al Jazzera English).

The Egyptian people took on themselves to show the rest of the world, using Mubarak and his two sons as examples, that “what goes around comes around”.
As the Arab Spring continues to rally throughout the Middle East and North Africa, more Arabs are tasting a little bit of freedom that we in the United States take for granted.

Demonstrators went out to the streets of Syria to protest the gruesome Assad Regime from March 15, 2011 to the present. As of now, thousands of people have been detained. A statement from Dorothy Parvaz, an Al Jazeera reporter detained in Syria, gave the international community more insight on what happens behind the cell doors. People being detained are being tortured, beaten, and other methods to make the detainees scarred for life. Of course, lets not forget the thousands of Syrians injured, and more than 1,000 brave Syrians killed for their God given rights of freedom, liberty, expression.

The International Community continues to isolate the Assad Regime. Countries like the United States, the European Union, Canada, and Switzerland have placed travel bans and froze assets of Bashar Al-Assad and members of his cabinet. In addition, organizations, such as the Syrian Emergency Task Force, have placed a lawsuit against the individuals of the Assad Regime for their terrible treatment of their own people. This momentous event has lifted the Syrian people’s spirit, something that no one can bring down.

The opportunity to stop the killing in Syria is growing dimmer and dimmer. The longer this act continues, the slimmer the chance the people will continue to have sympathy. Mubarak and his two sons did not step down in time; this resulted in a court action for the deaths of the innocent Egypt protesters by the people.

There is only one seat in this musical chair game in Syria. Thousands of selfish people from the Assad Regime will be fighting for that one seat when the music stops. Eventually, the Syrian people will have their chance, like the Egyptian people did, to make examples of “what goes around comes around”.

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