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One more Friday towards Freedom “Friday of Home Defenders”

By: Ahmad Alaswad    (SETF Staff)

On a normal Friday, sounds of minarets saying, “Allahu Akbar” “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest) has indicated the start of the Friday prayers in the afternoon. Normally, Syrians after Friday prayers would either go back to their homes and spend time with their families, or would go out and enjoy the Syrian breeze.

Ever since March 15, 2011 Syrians from all sects and religions are using Friday as a day where all Syrians can gather expressing their wish of freedom. Since the beginning, Syrians are going out in mass numbers. The more killing of innocent civilians by President Assad’s Security Forces; more Syrians are going out to the streets showing no fear.

There have been methods to stop the people from going to Friday prayers by chaining the front doors of mosques throughout Syria. When the people noticed these acts, they would go out and started praying in parks. Afterwards, they would go out to the streets and shouted for reform, freedom, and liberty. Whatever Assad and his people attempt to stop the people from gathering, the people would outsmart the security forces

The people are gaining more momentum every Friday due to the massive unlawful arrests and killing Syrians, including close to 30 children.

By Friday Prayers, Syrians are gathering in numbers under the slogan of the “Friday of Home Defenders”. This rally is expecting more protesters than usual, especially since it is to honor the people who were killed without justice.

Even though I am being optimistic of tomorrow’s numbers, recent events in Syria have shown that the Assad Regime will continue killing innocent protesters due to their quest for self-determination. The Syrian people are going out to the streets showing no fear, as bullets are being shot at them. When people have no fear, they will prevail.

Assad afraid of Friday. Fridays are the days for massive protests

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