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You Can Run but You Can’t Hide: A Warning to the Assad Regime

By: Adnan (SETF Staff)

The year was 1992, the place was Sarajevo, and the conflict was all too familiar.  The images seen in the siege of Sarajevo are those that are being seen in the present all across the Arab world. Office buildings on fire, tanks rolling down the streets, and soldiers waiting for anything to fire at, the series of events that followed were ordered by General Ratko Mladic.

Ratko Mladic was the chief of staff of Army of the Republika Srpska, the Bosnian Serb army. He was among those who ordered the pillaging of villages, and the slaughtering and raping of the Bosniak people. The most famous of these mass killings was the Srebrenica massacre of 8-10 thousand men from the town of Srebrenica ordered by Mladic. The images that were seen there shook the world and enabled the international community to indict Mladic on genocide and war crimes. Unfortunately, Mladic went into hiding before he went on trial, which lead to the international criminal tribunal of the former Yugoslavia to send out an international warrant for his arrest. He was never seen again, until today. Today is May 26, 2011, the day that a war criminal is being brought to justice.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and all those who surround him seem to have forgotten history. In today’s world, social media broadcasts every move, every action, and every image on an international level. Currently, President Assad has allegedly ordered his entourage to fire upon thousands of protestors. This has resulted in the deaths of 1300 innocent civilians in Syria and placing thousands more in jail to be beaten and tortured. Assad denies all allegations but the results are the same, every day the death toll increases. Women, children, and the elderly are among the dead.

Those around Mladic, although claimed to have liked him greatly, gave him up in a heartbeat. This should serve as a lesson to Assad to change his course of action and stop the security forces from killing because when the pressure starts to culminate, those around him won’t be there anymore. Unfortunately, the killings have only gotten worse which has forced the European Union, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, and Australia to place sanctions on Bashar al-Assad himself, which although he doesn’t realize, is only the beginning.

Although President Al-Assad and former general Mladic come from different times and different places, in the end, their fates remain the same.

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