Untouchable no more

By: The Texas Rangers (Ahmad and Adnan) SETF team


Throughout History in the Arab world, there has always been a sense of nationalism that has separated Arab brethren from one another. This feeling of nationalism has plagued them from focusing on the most important issues at hand. These issues include governmental corruption which has caused a large gap between the rich and poor. For years, Government officials in these countries use their positions to siphon a vast majority of the wealth to line their pockets. The “Arab Spring” has aided in bringing issues like these to the surface.

Although the “Arab Spring” has resulted in many casualties in the Middle East, there is one major positive characteristic that has arisen. This characteristic is the fact that all of these people in various countries want the common goals of, social, political, and economic reform. In Egypt, the people have successfully taken the first major steps in reforming their country politically. They have ousted the Mubarak Regime after 30 years in power.

Currently, the Egyptian people are swiftly pushing economic reform by fining former President Mubarak $34 million, former Interior Minister Habib El-Adly $50 million, and former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif $6 million. They were charged with cutting the communication for five days, the phone and internet service to prevent the Jan 25th revolutionaries from protesting. These demands are just the beginning of many for the years of injustice that Mubarak and his regime have brought upon their people.

The conflict occurring in Syria is a mere image of that in Egypt. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and all those who surround him seem to not realize this. In today’s world, social media broadcasts every move, every action, and every image on an international level. Currently, President Assad has allegedly ordered his entourage to fire upon thousands of protestors. This has resulted in the deaths of more than1300 innocent civilians in Syria and placing thousands more in jail to be beaten and tortured. President Assad has allegedly taken billions of dollars from the national treasury over the course of his presidency.

What President Assad does not recognize is that Mubarak’s situation and his are nearly one in the same. The difference is that Mubarak has gone through the inevitable series of events already, which is bound to happen to Assad. It’s only a matter of time, and when that time comes the people will get back what was unjustly taken from them by a tyrannical ruler.


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