The Syrian Revolution all over the world!

SyrTimes is an American Syrian Rights Activist Website standing up for the rights of the oppressed Syrians being tortured as you read this simply for asking for freedom. Our main cause is demanding immediate access to foreign media into Syria through the Electronic petition sign-able through us Right Here. Our goal is to gather no less than 10,000 signatures within a month (Last Day: June 26th), so that we may send the petition directly to the Obama Administration for further consideration.

For those wanting to lend a hand and not just a signature, we have gathered the logistical information needed for you to send a message to your District’s Representative (for those in the USA), instructions on how to contact your EU Representative (for those in Europe), and even how to contact your UN Representative (for those around the globe). We have a finished letter that we hope everyone wanting to lend a hand will use so that the unity of a voluminous message can impose the pressure needed to help our cause.

Click Here to Lend A Hand.

  1. May 30, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    You have our full support, and continued support .. will participate in every way possible, and help to spread the word! God is with us… so we have already won!

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