Freedom for Syria Day Summary Letter (SAC)

May 30, 2011 

Dear fellow Syrian American,

Greetings of peace, salam. Please accept my sincere thanks for heeding the call of the Syrian American Council to gather in Washington, D.C., on May 24. You came from across the United States representing different walks of life of the Syrian American community. Your overwhelming response on this day was clear evidence of your genuine concern and unwavering support of the Syrian people‘s right to freedom, dignity and democracy. Your individual participation in the unified effort transformed this concern and support into an organized, honorable and sustained plan of action. Rapidly escalating events in which innocent Syrians are being killed, tortured and detained by the thousands makes a timely response crucial.

The day started early for many of the attendees as they met with members of Congress or their senior staff, expressing our Syrian American stance in support of Syrians’ right to freedom, dignity and democracy, and that we are against any foreign military intervention in Syria. With a larger base of SAC members in the future, we hope to increase the effectiveness of our lobbying effort by ensuring that every member of Congress meets with a group of his or her constituents.

As you know, the day continued with a powerful rally in front of the Syrian Embassy. A SAC delegation met with  Dr. Imad Moustapha, to present the demands of Syrian Americans both verbally and witha written letter. While he held fast to the Syrian government’s position, we left the embassy making the following points clear: we, as Syrian Americans stand in full solidarity with our fellow Syrians’ right to freedom and democracy, we hold Dr. Bashar and  his government fully responsible for the bloodshed,  the sole deciders of Syria’s future are the peaceful protesters on the Syrian street, we will not take part in any negotiations with either the embassy or the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and we are against any foreign military intervention in Syria.

At the afternoon meeting at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill, it was inspiring to see more than 400 Syrian Americans from across the US filling the hall. The meeting started with a policy statement by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jake Walles. He was followed by speakers from different backgrounds who echoed the demands of Syrian Americans calling for freedom, dignity and democracy for all Syrians, and declared that a regime that systematically kills its own people is illegitimate.

“Freedom for Syria Day” was a watershed moment in Syrian Americans’ activism for Syria, but the real success will be measured by our joint efforts after this event. As you learned at the meeting, several national committees have been formed. The chairs of each committee will be communicating with those who expressed interest in them in order to put these committees into action (SAC .

We are also calling on you for your financial support for Syria and for the Syrian American Council. Please help SAC continue our advocacy work by donating online at or by sending a check to P.O. Box 371, Willow Springs, IL 60480. With your continued support, we can remain a strong advocate for Syrians’ right to freedom, dignity, and democracy.

Thank you.

Talal Sunbulli

President, SAC National


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