Action alert: Thank CNN for strong coverage of Syrian protests & Hamza Alkhateeb (RIP)


Thank you Anderson Cooper

SAC urge all of supporter to contact CNN, 

 If you’ve been watching CNN recently, you’ve probably seen their strong coverage of the protests in Syria.

 CNN’s Anderson Cooper has devoted several segments of his show to highlighting the lethal crackdown on Syrian protesters, especially the recent case involving the torture, murder, and mutilation of 13-year-old Hamza Alkhateeb from Daraa.

You can see a few examples of the coverage 


In this clip, CNN’s John King addresses not only the case of Hamza Alkhateeb, but also shows amateur video footage 
taken during or after government forces fired on an ambulance, a school bus full of children, and protesters in the streets. The use of such footage is key to showing the world what is really going on, especially since foreign journalists and camera crews are not allowed into the country.

When media outlets do a good job in covering such issues, it’s important that we let them know we appreciate it. By doing so we are sending not only our thanks, but also our support for similar coverage in the future.

 Please take a few minutes to send a note of thanks to CNN and Anderson Cooper through their online feedback forms. 

Anderson Cooper:
All CNN shows:

Here is a sample note if you would like to use it, or feel free to write your own:

Thank you for your recent coverage of the situation in Syria. As a Syrian American this issue is deeply personal for me, and I appreciate your in-depth reporting to allow America and the world to see how the Syrian government is treating its own citizens when they protest. What is happening on the streets of Syria is almost too horrible to believe; your use of amateur video footage of the violence is key to showing what is really happening. Thank you for doing your part to keep the public informed; with this knowledge we need to hold the Syrian regime accountable for the atrocities it is committing.

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