An Open Letter to Bashar al- Assad

 In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

“Commanding Good and Preventing Evil”

Embassy of Syria
 2215 Wyoming Ave. N.W.
 Washington, D.C. 20008 USA
Ph: (202) 232-6316

President Bashar Al-Assad,
The whole world has been watching your country since the unrest started two months ago. Since 
then, you have taken token steps to appease your critics but the news coming out of your country 
is so disturbing that staying silent is a sin in our common Islam faith.  
I am not here to blast you with Freedom Fighter rhetoric.  I understand your determination to stay 
in power but I have  one question for you that maybe you could answer publicly, assuming this 
letter gets into the hands of you or your advisors.  
I saw the widely circulated photograph of the 13 year old boy’s name Hamza al-Khatib mutilated, 
barely recognizable body.  The family showcased before and after photographs of their little boy. 
This boy was missing for a period of one month. The world suspects he is not the only victim of 
similar brutality by your regime. My question is: When you posed with your wife and family in 
the prestigious Vogue magazine, did you consider how you would react if someone snatched your 
boy  from  your  arm  on  the  street,  raped,  cut  out  his  genitals  mutilated,  his  small  body  covered 
with cigarette burns and ultimately killed by high voltage electric shocks. 

Bashar al-Assad & family
 As mentioned before, I am not here to fight for freedom for the Syrian people. That is their job, as it was for Tunisians and Egyptians, and is now ongoing in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.  Expect other brutal dictators to be held to account for crimes against their people.

The leaders of all the above mentioned countries have one thing in common; their avowed Muslim faith, along with the 1.2 billion rest of us. I am disappointed and frustrated that all of you claim to be a Muslim, show up on public TV and pray in front of cameras.  What puzzles this faithful, devout Muslim is: How can you pretend? If your faith is genuine, why are you killing the innocent?

You are intelligent enough to know that in the next life there will be no such a thing as a Jew, Christian or Muslim or a separate line for politicians with large bank accounts.  It doesn’t matter if you own Syria or you are just a person living in it.  One day, you will pass from this life just like the rest of us, having no more than a shroud, to stand in front of Allah SVT. How can you justify the torture and murder of this boy even if he wasn’t a Syrian? Whether he was Syrian, American, Israeli, or just a boy without a family, he was made by our Creator and you had no right to take his life away at such a young age in such a cowardly matter. He had no voice but, now, he has the rest of humanity standing up for him. Until now, I had thought you were a cut above the rest of brutal Middle East dictators. Now I understand that for all of you, the only thing that matters is money and power. Religion and countrymen are just a game at your service.  

For your sake, I hope you sum up a very good answer for your next life. From what I know of religion, even if you build the greatest mosque of the 21st Century, it will not atone for the crimes against humanity that you allowed on your watch.  It does not matter that you did not personally kill him. You are responsible for the actions of your regime and for bringing to justice those who perpetrate such atrocities.

Good luck to you and your ilk in the after life. Do all faithful Muslims a favor. Take the name “Islamic Society” off your map. Your lectures and actions have no resemblance to a faithful Muslim man.  

Ghazal Omid

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