young women house protest in Damascus on May 30 2اعتصام منزلي في دمشق 30 أيار 2

A group of Syrian women held a sit-in at a private home earlier this week in  remembrance of Hamza  al-Khateeb, the 13-year-old boy whose torture and killing by security forces  made global headlines after Al Jazeera highlighted his case.

“We are all  mothers of Hamza al-Khateeb,”

read one of the small banners held by the women,  who are seen singing the Syrian national anthem in this video.

“We  are directing our voices from inside because we are afraid we would not come  back to our children if we went down to the street.”

Inside the small  room, the women have put up the Muslimc crescent and Christian cross as symbols  of religious unity in Syria. On the table, a photo of Hamza is placed between  photos of Mohammed Bouazizi, whose self-immolation set off the Tunisian  revolution, and Khaled Saeed, a young Egyptian whose death in police custody  proved a trigger for the revolution in Cairo.

“No to arresting, no to  violence, no to killing,” read other banners.

“We want a peaceful home which is  free.”



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