Silent walk for Hamzah and oppressed children around the globe at the White house DC

Hamzah Elkhateeb, a boy of only 13 years, left Aljeezah with his family to join the march to break the siege in Deraa, and was among the unlucky hundreds detained during the massacre of Seda in front of the army barrier. Hamzah’s dead body was later handed over to his family with clear traces of torture – bruises were all over his body, bullets had penetrated his flesh, and worse… his genitals were maimed before he was killed. The following link describes his situation, please be warned that the link contains graphic material:

As human beings, we must all share in the humanitarian identity and celebrate our diversity. We are, after all, citizens of the world regardless of our nationality, race, or religion. We invite you, our fellow global citizens everywhere in the world, to join us on a silent walk for Hamzah and all oppressed children in the world on Sunday June 5, at 1:00pm. 
This day will be dedicated annually for the same cause. 

Event: Silent walk for Hamzah and oppressed children around the globe
Who is invited: Women, Men and Children; Citizens of the World
Where to start: Lafayette park in front of the White house (For those living in DC-Metro area)
When: Sunday June 5.
Time1:00pm, please be there on time
Dress: In white if possible
What to bring: your presence is more than appreciated, no political signs or symbols please
Theme: Hamza you were beloved among your family. Now you reside in the heart of the whole world’s people


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