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Office of the Press Secretary



March 24, 2011

Statement by the Press Secretary on Violence in Syria

The United States strongly condemns the Syrian government’s brutal repression of demonstrations, in particular the violence and killings of civilians at the hands of security forces.  We reject the use of violence under any circumstances.  We are also deeply troubled by the arbitrary arrests of human rights activists and others.  Those responsible for the violence must be held accountable.  The United States stands for a set of universal rights, including the freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, and believes that governments must be responsive to the legitimate aspirations of their people.  We call on the Syrian government to exercise restraint and respect the rights of its people and call on all citizens to exercise their rights peacefully.

  1. Kelvin
    April 18, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    A a westerner- I think this message is total rubbish- America has no interest in ‘Human rights’ in any of the countries it is choosing to invade of late.
    Oil, greed and Power are the only things on its mind .
    Its a disgusting ,sick and corrupted country.
    Please dont listen to their propaganda.

    your country may not be perfect , but its better than the civil war that is occurring in Lybia – The Us loves conflict within countries as it gives it access to the resources (Oil,money, minerals etc)

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